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The words ‘passion’ and ‘quality’ can be interpreted and misused in as many ways as the word ‘love.’ But we are convinced that real passion and real quality will always be self-evident. Genuinely good quality speaks for itself and genuine passion cannot be stopped.

We at Johan & Nyström strive to develop and change an industry steeped in tradition. Coffee is one of the highest grossing commodities in the world. Yet many coffee producers still live in extreme poverty. The coffee industry is built on a supply chain riddled with middlemen, where the money spent by consumers rarely reaches hard-working farmers. We believe that Direct Trade is a better way of doing business.

We at Johan & Nyström follow a simple philosophy when we buy coffee. We are dedicated to delivering a quality product, and we do everything in our power to find coffee beans that speak for themselves in the cups of our customers. We figured out early on how to find the highest quality beans: by cooperating closely with individual producers instead of relying on brokers, importers, and exporters. That is why we spend a lot of time visiting coffee-producing countries and speaking to the farmers themselves at their own plantations and processing facilities. We ask them questions, discuss opportunities and challenges they face, and try their coffee on site.

By doing so, we have established a network of dedicated coffee farmers who share our passion for high quality specialty coffee. We call this model Direct Trade. By dealing directly with producers, we make sure our customers’ money actually reaches well-deserving farmers. We pay them well and visit them as often as possible in order to foster close and lasting relationships. We also learn a lot from these farmers, and we would like to think they learn something from us as well. Nothing is left to chance. It is, quite simply, a more honest way of buying coffee. 

Our story

This is the story of a small coffee roastery founded in 2004. We thought that the coffee-loving country of Sweden lacked really good coffee.

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If you have not had the chance to visit one of our concept stores, you have missed an important part of Swedish coffee history. Or, more accurately, you have missed an important part of its future. In our award-winning concept stores you can let yourself be inspired, educated, or simply to enjoy all that the world of Johan & Nyström has to offer.

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Let’s connect to discuss how our dedication to sustainable sourcing, roasting, and delivering the world’s finest coffees can elevate your coffee program from the conventional to the exceptional.

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