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The Kirinyaga district is along with the Nyeri district, the most famous regions in Kenya. Clean, juicy, sweet coffee is what makes this region a sought-after gem for coffee roasters all over the world. Kiriani Factory in Kirinyaga opened for production in 1963, and is part of the Thika Giki Farmers Co-operative Society in the western parts of the Kirinyaga district in Kenya. The Co-operative Society’s members consist of about 2 500 small holders with farms located at 1800 m.a.s.l. They Provide coffee to the washing station during the harvest between November and December. The farmers grow both SL28, SL34 as well as some Ruiru 11, which after harvest is fully washed with fresh river water and subsequently dried on raised African beds. The result is floral flavours of elderberry, currants and nettles.

All coffee is sorted by screen size, where historically larger beans always have been acknowledged as higher quality. Larger beans usually correlate to higher altitude, more dense structure and better cup profile, but it doesn’t have to be. In Kenya, AA is the largest screen size, followed by AB and C. There are even more classifications, but those are not for specialty grade coffee. For us however, the most important thing is the quality.

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