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This is a coffee from Peru or Honduras depending on the season, always with flavors of caramel, nougat and red apples.

The coffee comes one half of the year from the Incahuasi cooperative in Peru, and the other half of the year from the Comicovel cooperative in Honduras. We usually shift origins at the end of spring, and later around the beginning of December and that way we can always have coffee in the bag that is in season and tastes fresh. The season differs between producers because the cooperatives are located around 350 miles from each other on different sides of the equator. Both cooperatives are certified Fairtrade and organic. The coffee mainly consists of the varieties caturra, pacas, typica and bourbon, which are all processed according to the washed method.

Incahuasi, Peru
We have been buying coffee from Incahuasi since 2016. The cooperative is located in the Cusco region of southern Peru and was founded in 2005. The fact that the cooperative is located in valleys rather than high up in the mountains says most about the altitude. The plantations are here at between 1700 and 2300 meters above sea level, and it takes many hours by car to get there. Thanks to the inaccessibility, the plantations have been spared from most of the coffee diseases that are increasingly spreading around the world.

Today, the cooperative has 480 members who all work hard to gradually raise the quality. Among other things, they have invested in drying beds and equipment to be able to process the coffee better. For a few years now, microlotteries have also been produced from individual producers in the cooperative, which are sold separately. This creates incentives for everyone to produce better coffee and thus get better pay.

Comicovel, Honduras
We started buying coffee from Comicovel in 2022. The cooperative was founded in 2016 as a result of the Catholic Relief Service's "Blue Harvest" project. It is about agronomic development of the forest, as well as efficient use of water resources. The project brought together several ambitious producers in the Opalaca area, who founded the cooperative. The otherwise relatively barren landscape is brought to life thanks to the extensive forestry that helps retain moisture and allows the coffee trees to thrive. The area is located in western Honduras, about 20 miles west of the capital Tegucigalpa, and most of the plantations are between 1400-1800 meters above sea level.

Today, the cooperative has 200 members who continue to focus on the forest and water use, while continuously raising the quality of their coffee. Last year, the cooperative started producing and separating microlots and has also invested in raised drying tables for some producers.

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