Ethiopia Guji
Ethiopia Guji
Ethiopia Guji
Ethiopia Guji
Ethiopia Guji
Ethiopia Guji

Ethiopia Guji

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Ethiopia Guji is a classic in our range of consortia that are loved by many. This year's crop is as lovable as ever, with flavours of strawberry, vanilla and cocoa. This coffee is a favorite in many contexts with a clear character that is easily recogniable, even for new beginners in special coffee.

This coffee comes from a bigger private property in East Guji. It is unusual in a country where a lot of coffee comes from processing stations that receive coffee from many small-scale farmers. That's why we get a coffee from a specific location, which is unusual in Ethiopia. The farm is owned by Ismael Hassan since 2014 and covers today around 200 hectares of almost 2 000 metres. Ishmael has since started to raise the quality and to invest continuously in the farm.

Ethiopia Guji is a portable-dried / natural processat which gives its special character. The coffee will be dried with shells and the flesh of the bean, instead of pulp, (remove the flesh) and wash the bean first. During the drying, the coffee bearings begin to ferment naturally with bacteria from the air, but also from the coffee shop. The process requires a great deal of knowledge and skill in order to create a clean and balanced cup free of defects. It is also an environmentally concient method, when it goes to very little water.

Coffee has traditionally been sold with the larger area of Sidamo as a source of origin. But in recent years, it has been named after its specific geographical location where the coffee is going out from a lot of other coffee in Sidamo. Ethiopian coffee is usually referred to by the region from which it comes. This is because different regions with their unique characteristics have been important to Ethiopian coffee exporters. They have endeavoured to create a name for the different regions, just like wine in France, for example. Today, the system is beginning to be lucked up a little, which makes us more able to trace the coffee we are buying.


Origin : Ethiopia
Region : Guji, Shakiso
Producer : Ismael Hassan
Gård : Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm
Altitud : 2000 m.a.s.l.
Variety : Heirloom
Process method : Natural

Tastor : Strawberry, vanilla, cocoa

Ingredience : 100% coffee