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Colombia Decaf

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A great decaf with taste notes of toffee, apple and spices. Without a doubt the best decaffeinated coffee youhave ever been drinking.

In the famous region of Huila in south-western Colombia, around 50 small holder farmers form the farmer groupLa Serrania. In the mountains surrounding the city ofPitalito they cultivate the Caturra and Colombia varieties.Each farmer processes the coffee individually, and the combined coffee is later sent for decaffeination.The caffeine is carefully removed by steaming the green coffee, then submerging it in a solution of water and Ethyl Acetatethat binds to the caffeine. The Ethyl Acetate is derived from fermented sugar cane, and is also a naturally occurring compound in various fruits. Once the coffee is removed from the solvent, it’s steamed again and dried before shipping.

250g - Whole bean

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