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Dear Tea Society - Mellow Mr. Bloom

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Organic Rooibos with strawberries, blueberries and marigold - 20 tea pyramids

Perhaps you woke up too late, missed the train, spilled coffee all over your laptop, posted an awkward status when trying to send a private message, activated the office alarm by mistake and forgot your in-laws are coming for dinner? Or something like that. You don’t need more stress in your life right now. What you need is to keep calm and see Mr Bloom. He has a relaxing effect on everyone.

You can try but you won’t succeed in rushing him. He believes in one thing and one thing only: Between point A and point B there’s always point Tea. Listen to Mr Bloom and don’t mess with your sleep. Kick off your shoes and have a cup of merry rooibos in the sun. Things will work out for the better and everything will feel different in the morning.

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In our wide selection, you can find just the right coffee for every palate and occasion. Through our coffee revolution, we, the Johan & Nyström family, are changing lives. One cup at a time, from plant to cup.

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A good cup of coffee is the result of dedication and knowledge, as well as newly-ground, quality beans, fresh water, and equipment that makes the most out of product.

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We select our coffee carefully. It is handpicked by friends and partners who share our passion and dedication to quality. Our philosophy is based on origin, knowledge, and full transparency from plant to cup.

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