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El Salvador Menendez

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A coffee that, in character, is creamy sweet with tones of milk chocolate, toffee and orange.

Miguel Menendez Sr. manages the family’s farm in three generations of ancestral footsteps, and with the long experience, the family farm and process station are state of the art. Together with their sons Miguel Jr. and Guillermo the family handles the whole chain, from picked berries to exported beans. They wash, ferment, dry, sort, pack and export the coffee with full control and transparency. It is not hard to mediate the joy and pride of having our friends, family Menendez coffee in our assortment.

It is about 10 years since we started buying coffee from Menendez and this is really the image of how coffee should be traded. As we have grown, our volumes from Menendez have done the same. At a time when more and more producers abandoned their farms, they have not only managed but also been able to invest and build for the future.

250g - Whole bean

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