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Ethiopia Guji

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Ethiopia Guji is a coffee that has been in Johan and Nyström's assortment for several years. It has become a favorite of our customers with it’s clear character which is easy to recognize, even for beginners in coffee. Ethopia Guji has tastes of strawberry, blueberry and vanilla.

 Ethiopia Guji comes from a larger privat farm in the Guji area. This is unusual in a country where most coffee comes from state process stations that receives coffee from various smallholder farmers. This means that Ethiopia Guji comes from a specific location unlike most other Ethiopian coffees. The coffee is dried / naturally processed which adds much to its character.  The coffee berries are dried with peel and the pulp remains around the bean, instead of removing the pulp and washing the bean first.

During drying, the coffee berry begins to ferment with natural bacteria from the air but also from the coffee berry. The process requires a great deal of knowledge and skill to create a clean and balanced cup, free of defects. It is also an environmentally friendly method, since very little water is needed. 

Coffee from the Guji area has traditionally been sold with the larger area of Sidamo as origin. But in recent years it has been named after its geographical provenance since the coffee stands out from a lot of other coffee in the area. Ethiopian coffee is usually referred to from the region it comes from. This is because different regions with their unique characters have been important for Ethiopian coffee exporters. They have therefor created names for the different regions just like with wine in France. This is starting to change, which give us more traceability in the coffee that we buy.

250g -Whole bean

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