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Ethiopia Welena

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Ethiopia Welena is the result of a long-standing collaboration with Tesfaye Bekele. The organic coffee offers a wonderful floral flavour and notes of peach and citrus.

Coffee is traditionally not much grown in Shakiso, as the earth is full of gold, which attracts people from all over the country to come here in search of happiness. This was one of the reasons why Tesfaye and his partners decided to start a coffee farm in 2001. To provide a more stable income to the local population, and to create a permanent infrastructure. The coffee from Shakiso differs distinctly from coffee grown in Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, although the general descriptions are similar with citrus and floral aromas in the washed coffees. The coffee here is generally more fruity than in Yirgacheffe and Sidamo, more berry and stronger in the body. Soil is an explanation, regional varieties another. And the long fermentation in the washed method, with the sugar on the mucilage, a third reason.

The place is characterized by high dissected mountains, plateaus, valleys and plains. The volcanic soil is full of nutrients, generally the soil is fertile and brittle, with sand-mixed clay and an impressive soil depth of at least two meters. An outstanding feature of the soil is that its fertility is maintained through ecological recovery; deciduous leaves and branches from bushes and trees and root debris from coffee trees enrich the soil. The coffee is shade grown by cultivating fake banana (Ethiopia's most common crop) and various fruits. Most coffee trees have been planted from 2004 onwards. In addition to 221 acres of own coffee trees, Tesfaye also purchases coffee berries from 70 nearby family farms. Most living standards are extremely low, and one of the ways out of extreme poverty, probably the most important, is to continue to grow specialty coffee. Only by improving its coffee quality can the farmers' coffee rise from the speculation of the coffee exchange and gain its own completely independent value.

250 g - Whole bean

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