Dear Tea.
Society Tekalender.

A Gathering.
of Friends.

This year's goodest news is here! A Gathering of Friends is an exclusive Tekalender from Dear Tea Society with 24 individually packaged and neatly numbered organic teas. Would you rather give it away as a Christmas present it works just as good as a taste trip among the Dear Tea Society's members.

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Organic Tekalenders

24 Organic Tea, Selected with Care from Dear Tea Society's range of exclusive TEER.


The tea pyramid, unlike a regular tea bag, enables larger leaves, herbs and fruit pieces that give you a better tea experience. The tea pyramids are made of PLA which is herbal and biodegradable material.

Advent calendar - Perfect Christmas present

This Tea Collection / Tekalender suits just as well in January as December, therefore it is also a perfect Christmas gift to the table.

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100% Organic Tekalender / Advent Calendar

The goodest news of the yearOh! A Gathering off Friends Is an exclusive Tekalender from the Dear Tea Society with 24 pieces individually packaged and neatly numbered organic teas. Finally, Christmas is soon here, and in addition to Svt's Christmas calendar, there is nothing to help a prepare for Christmas mys more than a tea calender? Every day you get acquainted with a new member of The Dear Tea Society. During this taste is offered black tea, green tea, rooibos and oolong. Clean teas, flavored teas, pu'er and herbal teas. Within Dear Tea Society there is something for everyone.

This is a 100% organic calendar with tea, and each unique tea is smoothly packaged a pyramid made in herbal and biodegradable material. On the bag you will also also find brewing instructions and in the accompanying folder you can read more every tea and inspired by the teen's exciting world.

Are you going to give away the tea calender as a Christmas present?

If you would rather give away the tea calender as a Christmas present it is quite perfect for the tea lover. It just we who say it is a tea calender, it is actually really an Organic Tea Collection with 24 of the best teests from our range that can be drunk all year round.

Whether it's a Christmas gift for mom, Christmas gift for her, Christmas gift to him, Christmas present, staff gift * or a gift for yourself then we promise it will be appreciated! * The price is a good bit during the Swedish Tax Agency's recommendations so it is perfect as a company gift!