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Colombia La Negrita Geisha

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We are extremely happy and proud to be able to present a fantastic coffee with taste notes of passion fruit, pineapple juice and lemon – Colombia La Negrita Geisha. Geisha is the most exclusive variety of coffee that has a great reputation for it’s lovely and complex taste. This Geisha is grown by farmer Mauricio Shattah in Tolima, Colombia. Read more about him and the coffee below.

After finishing his medical studies, Mauricio Shattah decided to devote himself to high quality coffee. Mauricio and his wife Liliana searched for five years until they found the perfect farm, La Negrita. The farm is located at 2 000 m.a.s.l. in Tolima, Colombia, close to the Nevado de Tolima volcano. The proximity to the volcano and its rich soils, as well as four natural springs gives the farm ideal conditions to grow coffee. The surrounding mountains provide with cover so that all the 8 hectares of coffee grows under shade. The team at La Negrita is constantly trying to improve and evolve how coffee is grown, relentlessly pushing quality.

This particular lot of red Geisha, is first being processed as a natural for 3-4 days under shade to enhance the body and structure. A certain strain of yeast is added to better to be able to control the process. After four days, the coffee is pulped and treated as a Honey. However, in this step Mauricio ads Tartaric Acid, commonly found in fruits and berries. Mauricio’s theory is that the acids alter the structure inside the coffee, releasing more of its natural occurring flavors. The coffee is dried completely under shade on raised beds until 20 % moisture content. Afterwards, the last 10 % in the coffee is dried in low temperature in certain dryers to ascertain a homogenous drying which ascertains a higher and more consistent quality.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Tolima
Producer: Mauricio Shattah
Farm: La Negrita
Altitude: 2000 m.a.s.l
Variety: Geisha
Coffee Process: Natural and honey fermented 

Taste Notes: Passion fruit, floral, pineapple juice, lemon
Brewing Method: Aeropress/Filter
Quantity: 150g/box

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