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When people hear the name Johan & Nyström, they do not think of sour, watered-down coffee served at the office. Precisely! We realized five years ago that we had neglected Sweden’s offices and other workplaces. So, we created Johan & Nyström at Work - coffee that makes you long to get into work each morning. We also offer conference rooms and work stations in an inspiring and creative environment at our tailored workspace in the neighborhood of Kungsholmen in central Stockholm. Welcome!

There are few places where people complain about coffee more than at work. Coffee at work has almost turned into a workplace hazard. That is why we decided to offer every workplace in Sweden excellent coffee. How hard could it be? We did our homework, calibrated our machines to maximize flavor, and got our well-trained team excited about the process. We eventually became the first roastery in Sweden with products tailored toplaces of work. 

We roast our coffee at our roastery south of Stockholm and send it to your business fresh as can be. Our service technicians are not only experts at managing machines chosen to suit the specific needs of your workplace, they and everyone else involved in the process are either trained baristas or have several years of experience in the coffee industry. Every single person may not love every single type of coffee we offer, but we guarantee that you will find just the right coffee for you and your colleagues. We also dare to say that we probably have the most competent co-workers in Sweden when it comes to all things coffee. We now make sure that a growing number of offices and other workplaces around the country have access to delicious coffee. We can also help to finance the machines and supply more than just coffee, but we don’t have to get into that here. 

You are welcome to visit us at Hantverksgatan 7 in Stockholm, to drink some coffee and have a chat. You can try out different machines and taste your way to find the coffee that best suits you and your colleagues. You are welcome to stay as long as you like. In fact, you can use one of our workplaces with all the amenities, or rent one of our conference rooms, while you mull over which coffee machine to get. Welcome to an inspiring environment surrounded by friendly people!

PHONE: +46 (0) 8 530 22 440

ADDRESS: Lyftkransvägen 11, 142 50 SKOGÅS



Our freshly roasted coffee is really appreciated by everyone at work. My job coffee is better than your job coffee is something all of our coffee customers proudly can boast about.

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Let’s connect to discuss how our dedication to sustainable sourcing, roasting, and delivering the world’s finest coffees can elevate your coffee program from the conventional to the exceptional.

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We want to spread the coffee revolution at your café, restaurant or hotel. Give us a call today!

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Would you like Johan & Nyström on the shelf at your coffee shop or tea shop!? Lets fix it, contact us and we will tell you more!

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