Quality & Knowledge

Quality & Knowledge

Courses in Stockholm

To us, the knowledge about coffee and tea is as important as the beverages themselves. The journey from plant to cup is very long and the quality can easily be lost due to lack of knowledge. We therefore offer a number of courses, both to those of you who have a café, restaurant or shop, but also to anyone who is interested in learning more about coffee and tea.

Our coffee courses for private individuals are perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about coffee and are also a much appreciated gift - have look at the gifts card here.

Below you will find more information about our courses, this information is available only in Swedish and the courses are normally also held in Swedish.
If yo don't speak Swedish we can always adjust the course and speak some English too! If you have any questions about the courses don't hesitate to send an email to kurs@johanochnystrom.se.

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