Best coffee in town


Our coffee bars in Stockholm and Helsinki are oases for all coffee enthusiasts. Whether you're knowledgeable about varieties and brewing methods and seek inspiration, or simply look for a great cup of coffee, our coffee bars got you covered.

For us, the coffee is what matters most; the pastry is just a small bonus. Our baristas have all received thorough training from our educators, enabling them to serve a cappuccino with impressive latte art or do a pour over with one of our latest single-origin coffees. Or a high-quality tea for that matter! Whenever there are new releases, we make sure to set the best recipes and fine-tune methods and machines.

Of course, we also want you to enjoy excellent coffee at home. When leaving one of our coffee bars, guests may find themselves carrying a bag of coffee in hand, and perhaps even an Aeropress.


Swedenborgsgatan 7

In the middle of Södermalm you will find our first cafe and concept store. Nowadays it is an institution and filled with both our freshest coffee and most wonderful regulars.



Kanavaranta 7

At Kanavaranta 7, a few steps from the Presidential Palace, you will find our Helsinki coffee bar. Here you will find our extensive coffee menu carefully prepared by our baristas (plus both beer and wine) and plenty of space to enjoy it in a comfortable and inspiring environment. On our shelves you will also find our range of freshly roasted coffee, tea and accessories.



7 Hantargatan 7

In addition to drinking the best coffee in the city, you can also sit here and work, book meeting rooms, or rent the whole place for a conference or seminar.


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