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Welcome to Dear Tea Society, where the eccentric, the strange, the absurd, the thirsty, the tired, the restless, the beautiful, the creative, the rowdy, the cunning, the polite, the curious and the perfectionist all join together in our love of tea.

We love all colours of tea and infusions. We love sharing a pot but are often caught drinking on our own. We need tea to think, to dream, to forgive and forget. In short: We love tea, it’s who we are.

Dear Tea Society is our tea brand, where we stylishly and playfully highlight our love for tea. The full range consists of high-quality teas in all their forms and flavours. Some selected favourites from the range are offered in the 80 g boxes available here.

Large assortment of loose leaf teas

Experience the subtle complexity of oolong tea and the calming simplicity of white tea, or enjoy a large variety of all our flavoured teas. Our range of high-quality and beautiful loose leaf teas offers something for every occasion and preference.

Our absolute favourites have been gathered in the Character Assortment , which we recommend for Horeca and Office. An even broader range of teas and flavours can be found in the Additional Assortment. These teas are mainly recommended for shops wanting to offer a very large variety of teas.

our lovely single pack teas

We have selected our most popular organic teas for our range of portion teas in pyramid bags. The large pyramid bags allow for much larger tea leaves, herbs, and fruit pieces. Simply put, these teas are of significantly higher quality than one is used to in "tea bags". The assortment consists of black tea, green tea, white tea, and rooibos in various varieties.

The portion teas are designed for Horeca & Office and are sold in packs of 100, with each pyramid bag individually wrapped. The pyramid bags are made of PLA, a plant-based and biodegradable material.

pretty retail boxes

These are our most popular teas in practical and easy-to-sell 80 g boxes. Organic teas of truly high quality in stylish packaging that offers a wide range of taste experiences in your teacup. Each product is beautifully illustrated with a character that personifies the tea, and on the side of the box, the character is presented with a text. The assortment consists of black tea, green tea, white tea, and rooibos in various varieties.

These can also be purchased here in the webshop for our private customers.

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