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Better coffee at work

There are many advantages to having our good coffee at work. Some things we hear from our customers are, for example, that the staff do not go out for coffee on break, but stay at work, which leads to increased efficiency. The fact that the coffee tastes better also means that you happily drink more and become more alert and happy during the day.

Our delicious freshly roasted coffee is really appreciated by everyone in the workplace. My work coffee is better than your work coffee is something all our coffee customers can proudly boast about. The coffee is roasted in Länna south of Stockholm and sent freshly roasted to your office. If you need help with machines and service, we work with really awesome service technicians who specialize in the machines we have carefully selected for your specific needs.

We all come with a coffee background as baristas, or many years of experience in the coffee industry. Not all of our coffee varieties may appeal to everyone, but we guarantee that you will find a favorite in our large range that is perfect for you.

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At Johan & Nyström

We love coffee.

And we want you to feel the same. We are the big little coffee roastery driven by the desire to make the coffee tastier, more exciting and better. We roast coffee that challenges both the industry and ourselves, every day. And we can do so thanks to our long-term and close relationships with some of the best coffee producers in the world. People who are as dedicated as we are. Who also know how important the ecosystem is for the quality and the future.

The result is better coffee, for everyone.



The importance of the quality of green coffee is evident, but equally important for a delicious cup is how it is roasted. Carefully and patiently are two keywords for allowing the flavours to develop fully. Bringing out the best flavour from each bean is a true craft.

Each coffee has its unique way to become exceptional and it constantly varies. Our roastmasters experiment, cup (the term for coffee tasting), and repeat the process over and over until the roast profile is perfected.

Sustainability – a certainty


The absolute most important thing for us is that coffee production is sustainable, all the way. It starts with the plant, which thrives in fertile and nutrient-rich soil, surrounded by diverse vegetation. In short, it's a nature that grows and lives freely, not dictated by mass production. Those who truly understand this, who know their environment and coffee cultivation, are our producers. Individuals who, just like us, share the passion for coffee that grows, harvested, and is processed with love!

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A better choice

Johan & Nyström

We are a specialty coffee roastery passionate about better coffee. We source coffee with a focus on the planet and people and have long-standing relationships with our producers. Sustainability is ensured by verifying all purchases through a third party - Enveritas.

We have coffee for all tastes, from classic dark roasted blends to exciting varieties and specific origins. Always of specialty grade quality - over 80 points on a 100-point scale.

We have a large and skilled team, all based at our roastery in Länna (one of the most modern and efficient in Europe), and everyone truly loves coffee.

We hope you would like to become our customer and buy really good coffee from us. It is through a demand for quality that we can truly change the coffee industry.

Together, we can do better.

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Our Vision

Together with our producers and suppliers, we ensure sustainable production and handling, from the plant nursery to the brewer. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with producers who trust us, we gain full transparency at every step, enabling ways to scale up the production and delivery of better coffee.

Our vision goes beyond just great coffee; it's about contributing to a better world – for humanity and the planet. Coffee is our tool to achieve that.

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What is specialty coffee?

To fairly compare and evaluate coffee quality worldwide, the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has developed a 100-point scale. Any coffee scoring 80 points or above qualifies as speciality coffee.

Reaching 80 points or more requires the coffee to possess various attributes, and the more complex the flavours and aromas, the higher the score.

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Our producers

Our producers are located where coffee thrives – in the coffee belt. It spans 20 degrees latitude north and south of the equator, covering regions such as Central America, South America, and Africa.

We love it when the producers visit us in Länna! It's a time for gathering, listening, and discussing coffee, sustainability, and our shared future. And, of course, enjoying coffee together.

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