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Our producers are located where coffee thrives - in the coffee belt. It spans 20 degrees latitude north and south of the equator, covering regions such as Central America, South America, and Africa.

Growing and harvesting coffee is a craft, a process similar to producing wine (which most people have some knowledge about). The coffee plant receives love and care from the moment it is planted in the soil until the day, many years later, when the cherries are picked – preferably by hand (or gently with machines that preserve the trees).

We love it when the producers visit us in Länna! It's a time for gathering, listening, and discussing coffee, sustainability, and our shared future. And, of course, enjoying coffee together.

Meet some of them here!


Menendez Family Farms, El Salvador

For over 15 years, we have been purchasing coffee from the Menendez family. As our company grew, our volumes from Menendez also increased. In a time when many producers are abandoning their farms, they not only survived but also invested and built for the future.


FAF Coffees, Brazil

We bought our first coffee from FAF Coffees in 2010, and our beloved 'Brazil Fortaleza' has been a favorite in our collection since 2013. They decided to create a purpose-driven project, transforming their farm into a model for sustainable production.

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Long Miles Coffee Project, Burundi & Kenya

We at J&N are proud to have purchased coffee from Long Miles Coffee Project since 2014. When founders Ben & Kristy Carlson moved to Burundi in 2011, they witnessed both injustices and poor agricultural practices prevalent in the country's coffee industry. They also observed that roasters worldwide struggled to consistently obtain excellent coffee from Burundi. Long Miles Coffee Project was born as an attempt to bring positive change for both farmers and coffee roasters.

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Our relationship with Graciano Cruz spans nearly two decades. Graciano has always walked his own path, and his pioneering efforts have inspired several producers to follow suit, resulting in award winning coffees and some of the highest coffee prices in the world.

Follow him on Instagram @gracianocruz17



Luis "Wicho" Valdés is a second-generation coffee producer on the Santa Isabel farm in Guatemala. Our relationship dates back to 2014, and his coffee consistently maintains high quality, making it an integral part of both our single origin selection and blends.

Luis Alberto Balladarez


We have had the pleasure of working with Luis since 2010, making him one of the producers we have worked with the longest. Despite many years together, it never gets boring - quite the opposite actually! Luis impresses and surprises us time after time again and his coffee maintains an incredibly high quality - year after year. It is such an amazing gift to be working with a producer who retains his curiosity, never loses the will to develop, and works hard to always deliver the best.


JONAS HULT, Green coffee buyer

Our entire purchasing philosophy is built on high-quality and strong relationships – and that's where our buyer Jonas comes in.

“I have been working at J&N for nearly 10 years. Buying green coffee also means creating and nurturing relationships with producers and stakeholders, conveying needs, and setting expectations for quality and volumes. The most enjoyable part is building relationships with the producers – many of whom we've known for over a decade. Growing and evolving together is incredibly exciting. A challenge in my job is getting people to understand that sustainable coffee comes with a higher cost. It can also be tough to work with a living product affected by varying weather patterns, logistics issues, and bureaucracy.

To me, a better cup of coffee is one that benefits everyone in the entire chain. The taste reflects the origin of the coffee and mirrors the effort put into the product. Furthermore, the coffee becomes even better when the place and the company one enjoys it with match the quality of our beans!”

Jonas Hult, green coffee buyer at J&N since 2009

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Philosophy & Vision

Our vision goes beyond just great coffee; it's about contributing to a better world – for humanity and the planet. Coffee is our tool to achieve that.


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