We are one with our suppliers, there is no “us” and “them”. We work together, regardless of if it’s a cooperation of producers or an individual family farm. The fundamental point is, they are dedicated people who all grow and export coffee in a sustainable way. Together, we become strong.

Relationships are essential. We maintain close and meaningful connections built on an honest and transparent dialogue. This deep understanding of each other's daily lives creates a mutual trust, allowing us to establish long-term agreements and commitments.

We and our suppliers share a common desire to improve ourselves while helping one another do the same. Several times a year, we visit the coffee-producing countries and farms, and we eagerly welcome them to our roastery as they share their stories and goals.

Together, we strive to enhance and evolve our mission of providing the world with coffee that does good. For the palate, for people, and for the planet.

Tullinge, a small place in the southern suburbs of Stockholm, where the journey of Johan & Nyström began in the early 2000s. It was the realization of a long-cherished dream shared by some friends – a dream of having their own small roastery, where only the finest coffee would be welcomed and roasted with great skill. The essence of coffee craftsmanship was born.

In those early days, all that was needed was a compact space that could hold a roaster, an area for hand-packing the coffee, and a simple desk. Fueled by a genuine passion for coffee and its origins, the vision was clear – to introduce everyone to the delights of better coffee, known as specialty coffee, and start a coffee revolution!

The journey took off like a speeding train, and soon, new aspirations emerged. One such ambition was to create Europe's most modern specialty coffee roastery. In June 2017, we proudly opened our new roastery in Länna, a testament to the dedication of some of our team members who had been involved in its development right from the beginning. The expanded facilities included green coffee warehouses, product storage, creative office spaces, and warm, inviting spaces to welcome guests and share our knowledge. We were thrilled to spread the vision of "better coffee to the people" far and wide.

Coinciding with this milestone, one of Sweden's largest café chains discovered our successful little roastery, where everyone was passionate about specialty coffee. This marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter. With this newfound reach, we could now bring even more specialty coffee to coffee enthusiasts, while continuing to support our valued producers without compromising on the quality that defines us.

So - we are no longer the little roastery, but not the big one either. Johan & Nyström is the big little roastery that will always have its heart in really good coffee. At every stage.



When the bags of green coffee arrive at our roastery in Länna, we know from which farm it comes from as well as who runs it. We understand that it's coffee of the highest quality, and with that comes the responsibility to handle it with care, all the way to the cup in someone's hand.

Each coffee is meticulously roasted, highlighting its unique characteristics. It's packed in a way that preserves its flavour and quality, then delivered in an environmentally friendly way to our customers.

But our responsibility doesn't end there – we want those who enjoy the final cup to truly experience the quality and taste. That's why we have our educators, always ready to train and update those who serve our coffee.

A cup of coffee from us is always traceable to its producer, the time it arrived, and the skilled hands that roasted it. We take our responsibility seriously, not only to care for the planet in every way we can but also to ensure the coffee always satisfies the palate and conscience alike.


We will make the coffee world tastier and better.

Our vision goes beyond just great coffee; it's about contributing to a better world – for humanity and the planet. Coffee is our tool to achieve that.

Together with our producers and suppliers, we ensure sustainable production and handling, from the plant nursery to the brewer. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with producers who trust us, we gain full transparency at every step, enabling ways to scale up the production and delivery of better coffee. We strive to make it better for everyone – the quality and great taste are results of our way of working and thinking.

Better coffee


We specialize in specialty coffee, which means that all the coffee we purchase scores at least 80 points on a 100-point scale – a grading system established by the international coffee organization SCA.

We hold high standards for the producers we work with, both in terms of sustainability and quality. Both aspects demand more and come at a cost, which we gladly pay. The right price is worth every cent!

10 years or more – that's how long we have been working with several of our producers. Simply because they are the best, and we know and trust each other. When we begin new collaborations, which also happens from time to time, we do so with the intention of celebrating 10 years and beyond with them as well. Our close and longstanding relationships are built on a shared philosophy and a desire to improve the conditions for coffee farmers worldwide. Through sustainability and quality!


We love coffee

And we want you to feel the same. We are the big little coffee roastery driven by the desire to make the coffee tastier, more exciting and better. We roast coffee that challenges both the industry and ourselves, every day. And we can do so thanks to our long-term and close relationships with some of the best coffee producers in the world. People who are as dedicated as we are. Who also know how important the ecosystem is for the quality and the future. The result is better coffee, for everyone.



The absolute most important thing for us is that coffee production is sustainable, all the way. It starts with the plant, which thrives in fertile and nutrient-rich soil, surrounded by diverse vegetation. In short, it's a nature that grows and lives freely, not dictated by mass production. Those who truly understand this, who know their environment and coffee cultivation, are our producers. Individuals who, just like us, share the passion for coffee that grows, harvested, and is processed with love!

Bags filled with the finest green coffee arrive at our facility in Länna, where we take on the responsibility for sustainable and gentle treatment. Our roasters are powered by biogas, and we utilize hydropower in production – small but vital steps to minimize our footprint. Even the final step, the delivery to our customers, is done in partnership with a company that offsets 100% of the carbon footprint.

We care about our planet and collaborate with producers and partners who share the same values. Now and always!



Our four coffee bars in Stockholm and Helsinki are oases for all coffee enthusiasts. Whether you're knowledgeable about varieties and brewing methods and seek inspiration, or simply look for a great cup of coffee, our coffee bars got you covered.



We have four different coffee series, from House where the flavours are more familiar, to Prime which offers the absolute top tier of specialty coffee quality. In between you now find both the Farmers and Flavours series.


brew guides

Here are our basic guides on how to succeed with your coffee brering. Everything from how to set get right grind size to how many scoops you should actually have in your coffee maker. We hope that these guides will make your coffee experience even better!