Product & Order.

Our brew blends and espresso we roast daily day on a rolling schedule by demand so it will probably be back in stock again tomorrow or the day after! Check back soon again! Since the contents of the blends rotate during the year depending on the origin that is in season, these coffees are always available.

Our Seasonal Origins are also roasted as soon as it starts to look empty on the shelf but there we always have a certain amount of green coffee available. That means that our Seasonals one day will be out of stock for real - until the next years harvest comes in. Send us an email at webshop@johanochnystrom.se If you want to double check, and otherwise we can tell a new coffee in season that has similar taste profile.

Unfortunately not, our Seasonals are sold only as whole beans. However, if you shop in some of our coffee bars, they can of course grind it for you, or it is time to invest in a mill?

Unfortunately, not, for example, if you order an espressor box or a bridge box, these are delivered in extra stylish cartons.

When you put an order, it should come an order confirmation at once per email or SMS if you have selected it as notification options. If you do not get it within a few minutes, you are welcome to contact webshop@johanochnystrom.se so we can be helped to see how the whole is.

If you want to stop an order or make changes to it, you need to contact us at webshop@johanochnystrom.se. Do this as soon as possible because we have a quick order management. If the package has already been packed, we have no opportunity to make any changes or stop the order.

We roast different things every day. Call us so we are happy to tell you. +46 8 530 22 440

Shipping & Delivery

At present, we have DHL Service Point as an option, but we peek continuously on how we can offer even more delivery options!

We usually pack all orders within 24 hours and when your order is sent from our roastery, you get a delivery confirmation via Mail or Per SMS. In this there is a package ID / broadcast number that you can click to track your shipment.
You can also click the track link in your order confirmation you received on mail to see where in the delivery process your package is.

How much the shipping costs depends on what you have shopped, where you live and how you want to get your package delivered. In Sweden and Finland it is free of charge for all orders over SEK 500 / €50. The shipping is otherwise SEK 50 / €5 on all orders. The shipping cost you can see in the checkout step when you place your order. For all other countries, see ourShipping Policy.for prices.

The packages are generally left with agents for 2 weeks ago they returned to us and we contact you. If you want to cancel your order, we take a fee of SEK 100 for shipping + return shipping and administration costs and return the remaining amount in the same way that you paid.

All invoice payment is administered by Klarna and their invoices sent by email. If you have not received your invoice, you can go to the clear website or download their app to see your invoice there.

Kika in Spring. Shipping Policy. Then you see the list of which countries we send to.

Currently, PGA Covid19, we have paused the pick up on the roastery, but we start it as soon as we feel it feels safe. It will then be an option in the checkout.


As a customer, you always have 14 days of withdrawal according to the Loda law on distance contracts and agreements outside business premises. Send an email to webshop@johanochnystrom.se with your order number and describe which or what products you want to return and we will help you. Our full purchase conditions will be found here. We bunts on the return shipping.

No problem! As long as your order is not packed, we can easily change it! Send an email to webshop@johanochnystrom.se, and we will see you to help you!

If you have received the wrong products or that there are missing products in your order, please contact us at webshop@johanochnystrom.se within 7 days of the order received and enter your order number and what products are missing and what became mad. We will do everything we can to correct your order as quickly it just goes.

Have you shopped in any of our physical stores, it is also where you do your complaint or return. Simply go back to the store where you bought your coffee gadgets then you will get help with your return or complaint!


It would be really nice! Check out spring.Job PageIf we have any vacancies!

Each bar opening hours can be found most easily on Google, the shortcut there will be foundhere.

Johan we are all.

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Coffee packaging and sorting is a tricky issue that unfortunately there is no perfect solution to yet.
The gray coffee bag is placed in the household waste that goes to combustion. Even though it may seem worse than our other white bags (which are only in different plastics and can be sorted as plastic), we think this in reality is a bag of less environmental impact.
In the gray package, we have halved the amount of plastic and replaced it against paper. The paper is a renewable material, while fossil-based plastic is not. Unfortunately, we still have to use some plastic in the bag when there are not alternatives to plastic to keep the packaging completely oxygen. It is a must to maintain the quality and flavors of the coffee. By also using paper in the bag, we have been able to make the plastic as thin as possible.

Halving the amount of plastic in the pack was a change we could do today, but we are constantly working with our suppliers to find even more sustainable options and materials!

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