It is here - our new coffee portfolio!

The coffees are essentially the same. The quality is just as good. Our love for the coffee, producers and craftsmanship remains unchanged. We’ve simply made it easier and clearer for our customers. And we’ve taken the packaging to a new level! 

House. Flavours. Farmers. Prime. There you have our four coffee series. 

HOUSE The coffees in the House series are a bit like ”house wine” – it’s uncomplicated and really good coffee that we’re proud of, where everyone can always find a flavour they like. Big and small bags, both whole beans and ground. Old favourites like Fika and La Bomba have been joined by Dark Knight and the recently launched Perduras. Both Filter coffees and espresso blends to rely on and simply enjoy!

FLAVOURS is the big news - single origin coffees that are now available all year round! The name and flavour profile are the same year-round, but the contents vary following the harvest seasons. Simply because we always want fresh coffee, and coffee is harvested at different times of the year. Sweet Serenity. Delicious Days. Bold statement. As good and personal as they sound. The labels have a new design, but you’ll recognise them by colour and shape. 

FARMERS. As the name suggests, we want to highlight the producer, those who have grown, nurtured, and harvested. Those who really know how to make good coffee! These coffees are available in limited quantities and only for limited periods. The names? The same as the producers, of course! 

PRIME Top of the pops. The cream of the crop. The jewel in the crown. Simply our most exclusive and special coffees. We only release them occasionally, 3-4 times a year, when our green coffee buyer finds a lot that goes beyond the ordinary. We roast a small amount with great care and package it with a golden label. It’s a bit of a luxury, and that’s how we want it to be, because those who want these coffees know it’s something truly special.

THE PACKAGING To us, it’s much more than just a bag to transport coffee in a good way; it’s the first feeling and impression of our product. That’s why we’re so pleased to finally, after quite a long time of testing and contemplation, reveal the new bags! The material has a slightly rough, very pleasant texture that contrasts nicely with the shiny, soft labels (yes, we spend a lot of time touching and feeling the bags...). The label design is partially new but still has a colour scheme that symbolises the overall flavour profile of the coffee. Now, all our bags are white with soft, green hills on the sides that symbolise the coffee’s origin - lush and thriving farms around the equator. Of course, the environment is also extremely important when we choose materials, a big reason why we’ve made the switch. Along with Wipak, a supplier we’ve worked with for many years and have great trust in, we’ve taken this first step towards an even more environmentally friendly bag. We are continuing to test an even better alternative, and as soon as it’s ready, we’ll switch to a mono plastic. However, we’ll keep the design and the textures – we like them that much!

You can find all the coffee here in the webshop, with our resellers, and in our coffee bars. If you also want to become a reseller or serve our coffee, please get in touch with us at


Catrine Gyllensten Brand Manager

Lisa Blomberg Head of Brand & Marketing

Images and more info can be found at 

First up in our Farmers series is the coffee from Graciano Cruz, previously known as Pineapple Thief. It is of the Yellow Catuai variety and has been a long-time favorite in our selection for many years.

Sweet Serenity is one of the new coffees in the Flavours series. You will find notes of smooth milk chocolate, rich berries, and sweet fruit, which together create a fine balance of flavor and experience. This coffee is available both as whole beans and ground in 250g, and we expect nothing less than a success!

The bag's new design follows our graphic style, which has been updated in the past year. The tactile sensation of both rough and glossy varnish provides an incredibly pleasing fingertip feeling. Plus, our thermal print (which we do directly on the bag in production and where you can find origin information, EAN, roastmaster, and best-before date) has never looked so sharp.


And we want you to feel the same. We are the big little coffee roastery driven by the desire to make the coffee tastier, more exciting and better. We roast coffee that challenges both the industry and ourselves, every day. And we can do so thanks to our long-term and close relationships with some of the best coffee producers in the world. People who are as dedicated as we are. Who also know how important the ecosystem is for the quality and the future. The result is better coffee, for everyone.


Catrine Gyllensten Brand Manager

Lisa Blomberg Head of Brand & Marketing

Images and more info can be found at

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