It has very soon been 12 months since we welcomed 2023. A whole year. Time can pass so quickly! It does so when you're having fun they say, and we sure had fun! But from a broader perspective, there's much that is anything but fun. Conflicts rage, people suffer, the economy is strained, and the news feels gloomy when it comes to both our planet and the climate. In the midst of all this misery, it's important to continue to see what is delightful and good, like excellent coffee!

Johan & Nyström has had an eventful and exciting year. We were both happy and proud when we introduced our revamped product portfolio. Old in the sense of the same high-quality specialty coffee and new in terms of updated categorization, new design, and partially new names. The House, Flavours, Farmers, and Prime series make it easy to find the level of coffee that suits oneself and/or one's guests and gain an understanding of the differences within the narrow niche of specialty coffee.

As always, we have made several visits to the coffee origin, meaning we have visited our fantastic coffee producers. In a good business relationship, there is no "us vs. them," only shared goals, and here we dare to say that we go even further – they feel like our friends. Together, we make the coffee world better and make it possible for more people to enjoy coffee that is excellent in many aspects.

Dear Tea Society, our tea that has been with us for a long time and received a little extra love this year. Here too, we have reviewed the assortment to simplify and clarify. The path to a good cup of tea should be as simple as letting the tea bag steep for 2 minutes.

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024, we look back on a year we are satisfied with, despite the challenges we have also faced due to the world we are a part of. We look forward to an exciting new year and welcome whatever it may bring us and what we can fill it with. And whether we are summing up or envisioning, there is a common denominator that is the most important of all: our customers and coffee and tea drinkers. Without you, there is no Johan & Nyström! Thanks to you, we have happy producers. Thanks to many good producers, we have better coffee production. Thanks to good coffee production... well, you get the idea.

So, a big THANK YOU! We look forward to a GREAT new coffee year with all of you!

Johan Moren, CEO of Johan & Nyström


The Christmas gift this year, as usual, doesn't go to you but to a better coffee world. This year, we support a wonderful initiative by FAF Coffees in Brazil, which they've named "2050."  It's a project that represents the future of coffee farming according to both FAF and us. Here, they plant trees of the Mahogany, Moringa, and Banana varieties – alongside their coffee trees – and increase the farm's biodiversity. This is to create a natural and regenerative ecosystem where each plant has its time, place, and function. All to provide coffee with a place to thrive.

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