Good Morning Baton

We asked our friend, and former colleague, Linnea test all the products in the new Baton series for two weeks and give us her thoughts. The products are brand new and come from the quality-assured brand Hario. By using natural materials such as coffee grounds and bamboo in these products, plastic usage has decreased by approximately 50%!

Text: Linnea Lerman

A few things strike me when I get to try new things. The first is that it's still childishly fun to open an untouched carton, to be the first one to pull that little carton flap. It rustles softly against the cardboard, and it jams a bit, or well, almost surprisingly much considering how many boxes I must have opened in my days. Isn't that carton flap a bit too big on all cartons? It requires two-handed grip and some concentration, even though I'm an adult. Often I think of my colleague who got a new work computer and quickly buried his nose in the carton, closing his eyes, as soon as he opened it to smell the scent of newness. I don't do it myself, but there's something special about things that smell new and unused.

It becomes even more special when the consumption of newness is spaced out and becomes even more exclusive.

The second thing I think about is that a mundane task suddenly becomes ten times more enjoyable when you add something new to it. Just in this case, the morning brewing. Now it's dark outside when I sneak up, if I'm doing it really well, no one wakes up, and I can close the bedroom door behind three sleeping bodies and go out into a dark apartment to start the day all by myself. Then comes ten minutes of muscle memory before the brain catches up with the body, and the morning radio keeps me company as it starts to get light outside. And here it comes! A habit must be broken, and it tingles a bit in the body when I realize it. Rustle rustle in the cupboard and out with the little box. Scraping sound from the carton flap and lift the lid. Oh well, hello, I whisper to my new little coffee filter. Good morning! You look fun, I think and turn the cylinder, it lies lightly in the hand and is made of a material that is soft and pleasant to hold. I have to check the box again because it looks like it's made of some sustainable material, and yes, that's true. Fun!

It is so much easier to justify a new purchase if it's a sustainably produced one.

Another thing I think about when trying new things is that one's old things naturally become a bit duller to use. When I brew coffee in the Baton filter, I'm reminded of how good and clean the coffee tastes when brewed without paper filters. I'm no expert, but my guess is that the filter captures something that adds flavour? The surface of the coffee I'm looking into is a bit glossy, so maybe it's some small oil from the coffee bean that gets caught in paper filters but sneaks through metal filters? Besides it being extra good to brew in a metal filter, it's also very satisfying to avoid using paper filters. Few things are as stressful as empty coffee filter boxes. Imagine not having to remember to buy coffee filters at the store; I must start well in advance because the first few times I'm in the store, I remember the filters just after I've paid at the cashier.

Now I'm standing here in my pyjamas in the semi-darkness, feeling immortal.

The last thing I think about for now is how good everything is in the morning. Nothing is as good as the very first cup of coffee. For me, the cup can have stood for a little while so that the coffee isn't too hot. I absolutely don't want to burn myself on the coffee, and I want it to be cool enough that the coffee tastes its best. It's also an amateur guess, but I think a really good coffee becomes even better when it's not so hot. Forgetting the cup for about five minutes is just right. With the Baton filter, I brew the coffee right into the cup, wait a little tick tick tick, three sips of coffee in, and mmm, now the rest of the family can wake up.

Good morning!

The Baton series represents Hario's commitment to sustainability in the face of the "2050 coffee problem." With climate change threatening coffee cultivation, Hario has taken a step towards a greener future. By using natural materials like coffee grounds and bamboo in these products, plastic usage has been reduced by about 50%! The paperless drippers and eco-conscious products not only preserve the planet but also enhance your coffee experience. Together, we're passing on the baton to ensure a future filled with better coffee.

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