Outdoor brewing - easy peasy with OCDK

Finally - better coffee wherever you are!

When the sun's first rays break through the treetops and the day comes to life in nature, there are few things that can match a freshly brewed, really good cup of coffee. For us who love coffee, outdoor coffee is a given – a mate that makes every outing a bit better.

Outdoor coffee – the best coffee! 

Fresh air, a sweeping view, and a cup of coffee in your hand – that's a combination hard to beat. The experience of outdoor coffee is unique. It's as if the calm of nature can enhance each sip and transform it into a cup beyond the ordinary. But achieving the perfect cup in the great outdoors can be a challenge.

Challenges with Outdoor Coffee

Brewing coffee outdoors presents us with particular challenges. How does one keep the coffee warm? How does one manage the extra packing of gear? And how does one ensure the coffee is as good as at home? The answers to these questions have often involved compromises – until now.

The Ideal Solution

The One Cup Drip Kit is the answer for every coffee enthusiast on the go. Forget heavy thermoses and complicated brewing methods. Our kit is lightweight, compact, and above all – it delivers delicious coffee with minimal effort. Designed for the adventurer who doesn't want to compromise on quality.

How to Brew with the One Cup Drip Kit

Brewing is as simple as it is delicious:

  1. Take the filter out of the packaging.
  2. Open the filter along the perforated line and place it over your cup.
  3. Start by filling the filter about halfway and let it filter through. Then repeat the same process three more times.
  4. Carefully remove the filter and enjoy your fantastic cup of coffee!

What makes the One Cup Drip Kit so special?

It's easy to take with you, the quality is just as high as in our entire range, and it's so convenient it feels like magic. Our kit is for those who want to enjoy specialty coffee without fuss, even in the middle of the forest.

Flavour profiles for every adventurer

From deep tones of chocolate and hazelnut in our Bold Statement, to the homely taste of nut and chocolate in Fika, and the robust, smoky character of Bourbon Jungle – we have a cup for every taste preference and occasion.

Johan & Nyström – 20 years of coffee revolution

We at Johan & Nyström have always been pioneers for better coffee. Our passion for quality and sustainability has led us to create one of Europe's most modern roasteries. We work closely with our farmers and ensure sustainability through a tight collaboration with Enveritas.

The One Cup Drip Kit is for you who value taste and quality as highly as the adventure itself. So take a kit on your next outing and discover how easy it can be to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, wherever your feet take you.


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