Our new roastery celebrates 5 years

The first roast in June 2017 marked the start of our new roastery in County, south of Stockholm, which has been made custom-built coffee roasting process also house our green coffee storage,

Subtitles by Anders Boajé

The dream of building the most modern speciality coffee roastery in Europe was more than a ladold once it was finally.., as we started dreaming of this quite soon after Johan & Nyström was started back in 2004. Our first roastery, the inin Tullinge south of Stockholm, started out small with a tiny room for a small roaster, a hand-packing station, and a desk for admin work. With the rapid growth of Johan & Nyström and our speciality coffee revolution, we're curious account to! There was lots of charm, the word, clearance and the "thermal events" (a.k.a. fires).

Soon enough, we know that the old factory building had its physical limitations and that our dreams were much more. So, we started planning for building the roastery that would define Johan & Nyström for this and coming generations of coffee lovers, big words but in our but in our view, this was the only roastery dream worth dreaming.

Our Head of Production Joakim Ahlund has actually been the whole roastery process, in MS Paint.

After many years of planning, we could finally start building Europe's most modern speciality coffee roastery in 2016 and completed the task by mid-2017. The ambition was not only to move our production and team to a new facility, but to enable an immediate immediate doubling of coffee-ing since we had been given the ' s for all of Espresso House's coffee, I some 1 million-500 cafés, and to prepare the roastery for doubling these combined s many times over in the coming years and I am.

As a deal, we want the roastery to be an open and I place that, the teamwork that is essential for speciality coffee with a strong connection to our accession to our deposit in origins across the world.

The roastery process is custom-built to our own design, which we developed from learnings in our first roastery but also from peer travels to roasteries in Europe and US. What was the ' s our roastery is its combination of :
  • Full Next Full With every new roast batch : every 12 minutes a roast batch is completed and a new one starts, for which we have full blocks to blend green beans before or after roasting, send beans to any roaster, use the grinder or bypass for whole beans, and send any batch to any of our packaging machines. This fully-fully-filled for every batch and that's to always roast the coffee on orders and freshly roasted coffee.
  • Full, full, of every coffee bean's journey : with our transport systems we have, all manual document steps while also the 'lots of checkpoints with data capture along the way so that we can trace any green coffees and roast batches in' in minute detail.
  • Full transparency along the roasting process : all the more can follow the roasting process and interact with the production staff, there are no hidden steps.

For a Inquisitor, we want you to feel The roastery has the daily life from customers, partners, coffees and coffee-interested people. Some come for the experience, some to be 'on espresso', some come to coffee blends and some to help us develop further-but all should leave with fond roastery, tasted great coffee and met some truly passionate coffers.

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