Coffee plant

Likes diversity and thrives best around the equator at high altitude

Coffee trees thrive in changing climate with hot days and cool nights and grown mainly in Africa, South America, Central America and Asia. Arabica grows at heights of 1000-2000 m, generally between the tropics. The coffee plant appreciates the sunlight there and the slightly cooler climate at high altitude.

Everything begins with the beans from a coffeebox planted in a nursery to grow. After 9-15 months, they have become around 30 cm long and put out on the field where they can grow strong. There are various methods for growing coffee, the best thing is to work with nature and maintain the original fauna to mix up with other species such as banana and pineapple trees. A great advantage of diversity in the vegetation is that the coffee trees are allowed to grow in shade under the other trees, and manage thus of the hot days better and that the risk of fungus attacks decreases. The harvest becomes smaller but the quality increases.

The first flowering takes place after 3-4 years, the plant has now grown into a tree and the flowers are transformed in turn to coffee berries. Harvest usually occurs once a year about 40 weeks after flowering. Most of the coffee is harvested by hand and it is not uncommon for the people who work with the pick moving with the harvest when it is required as the most labor at the farm during the harvest time.

After the harvest, the trees go in Dvala. Then they are pruned to get a stronger growth and it is also a good opportunity to inspect the earth and the other vegetation.
If you want to plant coffee, it is optimal to use a coffee bean that still has its parchment left. However, it is removed on raw coffee beans that are intended to be roasted. These also can be used, but it is a little greater risk that the bean does not grow. The coffee beans like to lie in soak for 24 hours before being planted. Use sand mixed soil and put the bean about 2 cm below the earth surface. Turn the bean plate side down and the arched upward. The trick to cause it to grow is partly to keep the soil lightly damp (where it is advantageously watered from below, for example on the barrel) and to set it on a heating mat or a heated bathroom floor. Plant lamp is really recommended because it is dark most of the year in Sweden.

After 4-6 weeks bikes the bean forward, let it grow strong for about 2 weeks before it is planted in a deeper pot. The first spinach-like blades project a few weeks after the transplantation and called "Baby Leafs". After it just goes forward, continue watering so sticking it away and forming more blade pairs.

Expected carrier returns are after 7-8 years in perfect conditions. Patience is a virtue. And virtue is self-made coffee.


Good luck!

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