Flat White - A modern classic on the coffee menu

If you haven't already tried a Flat White, it really is time to do so. Flat White is a coffee variant that has taken the world by storm and is today served in all cafes worth the name. Unlike most other coffee drinks, a Flat White comes either from Italy, France or Spain.

The fact is that Europe is completely disconnected from this delicious drink and that instead it is about an origin from Australia - or New Zealand. Exactly, it's about a classic fight in the same way that the USA and Italy fight about who was first Coffee Latte. Regarding the latter, there is a clear winner in the form of Italy which was ahead of the US by a few hundred years - but as for the Flat White recipe and where it was first invented, there are not the same obvious answers. Some (Australians) claim Australia while others (New Zealanders) claim New Zealand.

We are content to state that it undoubtedly comes from Oceania and that it tastes fantastic.


Flat White vs. Latte

We mentioned lattes above, and as another small quibble, there are many similarities between a Flat White and a Coffee Latte. Some want to claim that it is the same drink, but they are definitely wrong: both are similar - but there are also clear differences.

A Flat White - a real one - is made with Ristretto and with warm milk. A Latte, on the other hand, is included espresso and with warm, skimmed milk. The latter is also served in larger glasses. If you look at Ristretto, it is a more concentrated espresso that also offers a slightly sweeter taste - this, in combination with the fact that the milk is poured freely into the coffee - means that a Flat White retains its velvety texture and taste.


Flat White at home - that's how you do it

The taste can also be described as a little bolder and nuttier than is the case with a latte - even if you add more milk than usual, a Flat White gives a nice little bite that you never get from a smooth and soft latte. There are thus differences between these drinks and it is clear that many people already prefer a Flat White as it feels a bit more adult to drink.

Flat white at home? No problem! Flat White Contents we have already mentioned - ristretto and hot milk - but if you want to make your own at home, you can also use regular espresso. In that case, you'd better take a double one.

Pour this double espresso into a mug and then start heating milk in a saucepan. It should have a temperature of 65 degrees and then you pour it - close to the edge in order to avoid bubbles - into the coffee. Remember that the milk should be warm, but not frothy. Now it's just a matter of welcoming your new favorite into your life. If you have tried a Flat White, it is easy for it to quickly develop into an addiction.


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FAQ - Flat White

What does Flat White mean?

Literally translated, it means "flat white". Which is hard to relate to, but you can at least describe a Flat White by saying it's a coffee drink that's roughly in the middle of a Cappuccino and a Coffee Latte purely in terms of taste.

What does Flat White coffee contain?

A Flat White contains espresso - double - or preferably ristretto and hot milk that has not been skimmed - as in a latte, for example. The blend gives a velvety texture and a flavor that has a nutty, slightly bold character. A clear favorite with many who think the Latte is a little too milky.

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