Pressed coffee - possible to experiment with the taste

Pressed coffee is a real classic and a big favorite with many coffee drinkers. This is far from a coincidence as it is often considered to be the variant that best brings out the coffee's aroma, flavors and inherent properties. It is also very similar to how the entire coffee world tries and rates the coffee - the cupping.

Pressed coffee is based on a principle where you let the ground coffee soak in steaming hot water and then press everything down to the bottom with the help of a metal filter. The taste becomes full and if you look at the texture itself, it can be perceived as a little more cloudy than if you drink a normal filter coffee. Brewing lasts as long as you want and slows down when you pour the first cup.

Pressed coffee is the given choice for the connoisseur and for those of you who want that little extra in life. It is also a brewing method that opens up a lot for a bit of your own initiative and experimentation. It's both easy and fun to geek out properly. What does your favorite cup look like?


Pressed coffee - choose the right coffee and dosage

If you look at press coffee, it is one of the few brewing methods where an overdose can actually be okay. Pressed coffee dosage differs from, for example, dosage of filter coffee. The latter type of coffee often requires absolute compliance with specified measurements. If you pour in too much, you will get a bitter story in your coffee cup - if you pour in too little coffee, it will be weak and of about the same caliber as you see in American policemen's coffee cups.

With press coffee, on the other hand, an overdose can bring a fuller, more interesting taste. Press coffee measure is thus more floating and more personal, although of course it is not about pure free jazz either. You should still always start based on the basic recipe, where 1 measure of coffee, i.e. 6-7 grams - should be poured into 1 deciliter of water.

As for the temperature of the water, anything between 92-96 degrees is what is recommended. A tip is to always let the coffee bloom a little after you press it down - let it steep for a few minutes before pouring it into the cup: it will pay off in terms of the flavor and aroma that develops.


Choose the right pressure jug

You've probably heard the word French press and perhaps also thought about the difference between a press jug and the French version?

The truth is that it is about the same thing. Press coffee and the press pot originated in France, but have changed names over the years. Dear child has, quite simply, many names.

The advice is that you choose your pressure jug with care. It will brighten your mornings in the future and help you get the best possible start to the day.


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What is pressed coffee?

Pressed coffee is a brewing method where you grind your coffee a little coarser than usual filter coffee. This gives a more distinct taste and is considered by many to be the best way to enjoy a cup of coffee. Pressed coffee is dosed in hot water and then pressed down to the bottom through a metal filter - all this takes place in a special press jug.

Can you use regular brew ground coffee in a coffee press?

Yes, but it will not give the same good taste. The secret lies in the fact that pressed coffee has a coarser grind and that this manifests itself in the form of a rounder taste.

How to make good coffee in a coffee press?

There are some important details for a successful cup of coffee. 1) make sure to choose the right coffee and grind it a little coarser than usual. 2) take fresh water from the tap and boil this to between 92-96 degrees. 3) pour into the coffee press and stir with a spoon 4) press down and let steep for about four minutes. 5) Hold up in a cup and enjoy.

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