Ground coffee

We have four different coffee series and in two of these we also offer ground coffee, ready to use in your coffee maker! The House series is the foundation we stand upon, featuring specialty coffees from some of the 15 producers we work with closely. Thanks to the variety in the series, we dare say there’s a taste for (almost) everyone. The Flavours series is where we truly elevate the natural flavours of each coffee and is perfect for those seeking an exceptional cup.


The difference between espresso and filter coffee is that you're breaking espresso in an espresso machine. Pure crass, you can use one filter coffee in the espresso machine and make you an espresso and tavalom, but the selection of the beans and the roasting profile is always provided with the appropriate bridge method in mind.

All our brewery blends taste like delicious with a little milk in it! For example, if you are in the mood to test a coffee from our Flavours range, Bold Statement That's a good choice. But we tip-off to try to drink the coffee without the milk! There's not much to beat a roasted and fruity coffee just as it is.

The short answer to the question is 'no', it is not. We have some coffee, which is both ecological and fairtrade-certified, but most of our coffee is not. The long answer, if you're interested in reading more about quality and our buying philosophy in coffee, you'll find it. here.

All of our brew blends are both a whole bean or a brew, and then the grinding grade is adapted to, for example, an electric coffee cup and perfect for you who does not have a grinder at home. If you've begun to explore our wonderful coffee world a little bit more and want to buy Whole Beans and to grind the coffee alone (it's always the best if you make the coffee right before the brewery) and we have a good guide to malting factor here.