House is the foundation we stand on and here we offer specialty coffee from some of the 15 producers we work closely with. All are among the best in the world. Each coffee in the series has its own unique blend and flavor profile. Thanks to the breadth of the series, we dare to say that there is a taste for (almost) everyone. We vary origins and recipes to follow harvest periods that vary throughout the year between different parts of the world. In this way, we ensure that the coffee is always fresh, the flavors are the same and your cup is really good. In this series you will find several different espresso coffees.


The difference between espresso and filter coffee is that you brew espresso in an espresso machine. Simply put, you can use one filter coffee in the espresso machine and make you an espresso and vice versa, but the selection of the beans and the roast profile is always set with the respective brewing method in mind.

We think all our espressos go well with milk, but F.T.O. is a very good choice! It gives a full, round taste with lots of chocolate and some dried fruit. Or you choose Fundamental with a slightly more modern flavor profile if you're feeling a bit more adventurous.

It depends on what you mean by "stronger", but yes, it is a more concentrated drink with more coffee/ml liquid. If you think about which drink contains the most caffeine, it's a bit much to compare pears with bananas, because you often drink more filter coffee than espresso. The most important thing for us is that both are good!

Espresso should be relatively finely ground. You'll want to brew your espresso in about 25 seconds, so find a grind based on that! Read our post about grinding degree so you get a little more (fruit) meat on your legs.