Our philosophy is to always offer coffee of really high quality at the right price and to have long and close relationships with our producers. When circumstances beyond our control make this difficult, we review the assortment and our products in order to make any necessary adjustments.

The price of Fairtrade certified and organic coffee from the region of Gayo in Sumatra has risen constantly in recent years - without any improvement in quality. Since we have also found it difficult to maintain a long-term and stable relationship with producers the origin and been forced to change co-op at basically every harvest, we have decided to remove coffee from Sumatra from our portfolio.

But fear not, we are now proudly adding a new filter coffee to our portfolio! Perduras is a seasonal origin coffee where the origin rotates twice a year. Depending on the season the coffee comes from either Peru of Honduras - making sure we have fresh coffee all year round! The origin is however the only thing that varies - the flavours of caramel, nougat and red apples remain. This coffee is Fairtrade certified, organic and KRAV-labled and will from now on be a part of our standard assortment.

Perduras is available in the format 500 g, both whole bean and ground, plus 120 g and 1 kg for our B2B customers.

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