This year's Christmas present from Johan & Nyström

goes to Long Miles Coffee's solar cell project in Burundi

Christmas. Besides crack, Donald Duck, seven kinds of herring and Silent Night, Christmas is a lot about caring. An opportunity to stop in the middle of the mess and think a little extra about our fellow human beings - both those close to us and those we may not even know. 

From all of us to a coffee producer

We, Johan & Nyström, also usually take the opportunity to give a little extra like this at Christmas time. Several of our coffee producers, with whom we have long and close relationships, operate in countries and areas that have to struggle in a different way than most of us here in the Nordics have to do. Being able to contribute a little extra together with you, our customers and coffee enthusiasts, therefore feels very good!

The coffee berries are sorted in the evening

The coffee growers in Burundi work all day picking coffee berries on their farms. When evening comes, they take the day's harvest to the Long Miles washing station where the berries are to be sorted, washed and then dried. By this time it has gotten dark and lighting is needed at the sorting tables so they can see which berries are of the right quality and which need to be removed. This process of course requires electricity! So do water pumps and other machines, such as those that separate the beans from the pulp.

Electricity - a scarce commodity

Today, diesel generators are used to get electricity, and since it is difficult to get hold of fuel, operation becomes very unreliable. The fuel is also expensive and environmentally unsustainable!

Solar cells - a way forward!

Together with Long Miles, we have started a project where we will build solar cells on the roof of the washing station. Thanks to the energy the sun can then generate, operation will be both more stable and cheaper. And at the same time better for the environment!

SEK 20 per kilo of Christmas coffee sold goes to the project

For us at Johan & Nyström, the coffee producers are the most important we have and it feels great to be able to give a little extra this Christmas. And the best thing of all is that you also join in and contribute! The more Christmas coffee we sell in 2022 the closer the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi gets bright, sustainable evenings.


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