Americano - a relative of Swedish filter coffee

If you have a decent grasp of coffee, you know that most coffee drinks originate in Europe and primarily in Italy, Spain and France. You can also see historically that Vienna and the café culture there had a hand in the creation of many drinks with coffee as a base.

What about the rest of the world? Not as much. An exception can be made for the new - and extremely popular - drink Flat White which comes from Australia - or New Zealand (these two countries are still arguing about which came first) - and has taken the world by storm. Otherwise, it is quite empty and an unwritten canvas.


Americano - far from American

As for the US? Many have claimed that the coffee latte was invented there, but it has also been shown that the drink was invented about 100 years earlier in Italy. But an Americano then - it has to be American, right? No, even there the beloved United States won't get a medal.

An americano originated in Italy and it's about a cup of coffee created for Americans - but which really, and in the name of honesty, isn't actually particularly American.

It's more like a cup of honest, Swedish filter coffee than a cup of American coffee. The latter - the weak, bland cup of coffee known from various crime films - can perhaps be considered America's contribution to global coffee culture. Which might not be such a shame either, if you think about it.



Americano - for soldiers during World War II

Americanon has its origins in the Second World War when American soldiers stationed in Italy considered espresso to be too strong. By diluting it with hot water, you got a slightly milder taste - a taste that, as I said, is very reminiscent of filter coffee. Therefore, it is not surprising that many Swedes have acquired a new favorite, especially on trips abroad, in the form of an Americano.

American vs filter coffee isn't really anything to get excited about. It's a match that often ends in a draw: the flavors are too similar. You could say that an americano, thanks to the brewing method, can feel a bit more luxurious.

Americano coffee recipe and americano coffee at home then? If you have an espresso machine, it's all simple: brew an espresso and then heat water on the stove. When the water has boiled, you pour it into your espresso and voila: you have an americano to enjoy.


Order coffee that fits the Americano!

FAQ - Americano

What is an americano?

You brew an espresso and then dilute it with hot water. The drink was created in Italy for American soldiers who found espresso too strong.

How do you make an americano?

You brew an espresso and then dilute it with hot water. The difference between an americano and a lungo is that the latter is mixed with water directly - an americano is diluted with water afterwards.

What does an americano contain?

An Americano contains two ingredients: Espresso and hot water.

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