Lungo-the new favorite too many

The separation of different coffee potions is far from a simple story. We Swedes consume a lot of coffee, but historically, there has been more focus on quantity than quality. In short, if there's a coffee maker on the beat, we're pretty satisfied with the existence.

In recent years, however, there has been a change. The Swede takes the coffee more seriously, and with this, more and more have opened up the arms of the flavours and blends that are in the rest of the world. In the rest of the world, it is possible to point to a single country in many countries and this in the form of Italy. Almost no matter what coffee potion you point to, Italy itself is the cradle of it. Cappuccino, Coffee Latte, Macchiato, Espresso… 

The list can be made longer, and that is exactly what we are going to do. Here we are going to look into a new favourite, which has been introduced into our country. This in the form of a Lungo.



Lungo-more water by an espresso

What's a lungo? You can see the Espresso as a beverage and a way to make coffee. The latter means that some members of the Espresso family can also be seen. The espresso that it is and which you are breaking it at home, but also as a Ristretto -which means that you allow a smaller amount of water to be silted through the coffee. It gives you an intense, nutty and daring taste that many people appreciate-but also, as many, feel too strong.

Instead of allowing more water to run through an espresso, the third member of La Famiglia-Lungo has created the third member. A lungo is therefore an espresso, but it extends the brewery time and allows more water to flow through the coffee. Lungo Recept is not really a matter of extra additives : you are using more water.



Lungo-intensiveer than an Americano

A friend of the order might be asking questions here and wondering if an Americano is the same thing? Why use the name Lungo when there's already an espresso with more water in it? It's the right thought-but wrong.

The difference between a lungo and an americano is that the latter will get the water in him later. It spans an espresso with hot water in hindsight. It gives you a milder, less intensive taste. A lungo, for its part, means that coffee and water are mixed directly and that the flavour thereby becomes more powerful and intense.

You know, making lungo at home is not weird. If you have an espresso machine, you're halfway to the target. Cut an espresso, but let's let the brewery continue for about 40 seconds and you have a lungo to lip-gloss. Let it taste it!

Order some coffee to go perfect for Lungo!



What's a lungo?

A lungo is an espresso where more water is silted through the coffee. It gives a softer taste than a classic espresso gives-but it gives a much more intense taste than an americano.

How do you make a lungo?

You're breaking a regular espresso, but you're letting the brewtime go for about 40 seconds. Which gives approximately 50 to 70 ml of more water.

Difference in espresso and lungo?

Espresso and Lungo are part of the same family, as are ristretto. The difference is that a lungo has more water than an espresso, and that a ristretto has less water. Espresso is something in between and can be regarded as the base.

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