Grind coffee beans - that's how you succeed

There is coffee that appeals to the vast majority. Those who settle for a cup to kick-start the day and who just want to wake up - and then there is coffee for the real connoisseur. Do you want that little extra, that wonderful cup with a perfect temperature, a wonderful aroma and a taste that makes the palate rise? If so, it's time to start grinding coffee beans and start experimenting with your own favorite.

Grinding coffee beans is the best way to create a unique flavor and a perfect cup of coffee for your own taste palette. The advantage of having whole coffee beans in the home is that, with this, it is never a long step to create a perfect cup. The fact that they also bring a wonderful scent and aroma to the home is another advantage.


Grind coffee beans - invest in a coffee grinder

There are, quite simply, many advantages to grinding coffee beans - but it will also require a lot of work and, above all, an investment in a really good coffee grinder. Grinding coffee beans in a blender or grinding coffee beans without a grinder is, quite simply, not a good idea. We know that many consider the mix a good tool for grinding coffee beans, but it should be seen as a pure substitute and not a permanent solution. If you want to grind coffee beans, you need a coffee grinder, period.

There are coffee grinders in both electric and manual models and also in many different price ranges. It is worth grinding coffee beans in a machine and you will immediately notice a difference as soon as you make that investment. No real coffee connoisseur works with a mixer, it should be put on the record.


Tips for grinding coffee beans

Regarding the grinding of coffee beans, a lot is about what your own preferences look like - and how the coffee should be prepared after grinding. The beauty of grinding your own coffee beans is that you can easily go from a finer grind to a coarser one and thus also adapt the coffee to, for example, a coffee press or a perculator. The choice of coffee beans is of course also something that you have every opportunity to experiment with and find your own favorite.

If you look at the degree of grinding, a finer grind is usually recommended for those who have mocha brewing or if you want to make an espresso - even for a regular brewer, the coffee should be a little finer ground. Coarse grinding, on the other hand, is suitable for coffee press and boiling coffee. But, as I said: you can try it yourself and find the degree of grinding that is best for the coffee machine you use.

If you want to delve a little more into the topic of which grinding degree is suitable for which brewing method, you will find more information here.



Why grind coffee beans?

Because it gives you a coffee with extra everything and because freshly ground coffee always tastes best. Grinding coffee beans shows that you take your coffee seriously. It gives a wonderful taste, it spreads a lovely aroma and it's also a nice way to create a little feeling in the kitchen.

How should you grind coffee and what should you think about?

The actual grinding is best done in a real coffee grinder so one is definitely an investment. Otherwise, you must also think about the degree of grinding and start from how the coffee is to be produced. For example, pressed coffee may be a little coarser - this while filter coffee is a bit in between and for example espresso should be finer ground.

Is it cheaper to grind coffee beans yourself?

There is no difference in price, our coffee costs the same whether you choose pre-ground or whole bean. However, you cannot buy our "finer" ground coffee via the webshop, they are only sold as whole beans. If you buy in one of our stores or at a retailer, they can of course grind for you.

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