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Specialty coffee

To fairly compare and evaluate coffee quality worldwide, the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has developed a 100-point scale. Any coffee scoring 80 points or above qualifies as speciality coffee.

Reaching 80 points or more requires the coffee to possess various attributes, and the more complex the flavours and aromas, the higher the score.

Taste is subjective, but we dare say the significant difference between "better" and "lesser" coffee lies in its flavour. Speciality coffee becomes sweeter and cleaner, regardless of whether you prefer darker or lighter roasts. The quality of the beans also influences the taste, and in many cases, you can tell if they are better or worse. Good green coffee consists of whole, uniform-sized beans with a consistent, light green colour. A simple way to detect the difference is by tasting the coffee when it has cooled down – excellent coffee still tastes delicious even when cold!

We love coffee

And we want you to feel the same way. We, the big little coffee roastery, are driven by the fact that the coffee should always taste better, feel more enjoyable and get better. We roast coffee that challenges both the coffee industry and ourselves, every day. A prerequisite for that is our long-term and close relationships with some of the world's best coffee growers. People as dedicated as we are. Who also know how important the ecosystem is for quality and the future. The result is better coffee, for everyone.

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The way we work, side by side with our producers, creates a genuine interest and commitment that we truly appreciate. And it's mutual.

There are numerous ongoing projects, all aimed at improving the present and securing the future. Of course, all these projects depend on us and others buying coffee from the farms, but we have also chosen to provide extra support to some of them. Some projects span over a long period, while others are specific and time-limited campaigns.

What makes this even more special is that our customers can also contribute by purchasing and enjoying the coffee, where a portion of the proceeds directly goes to the projects. Everyone can make a difference!

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The most important thing for us is that the coffee production is sustainable, all the way. It starts with the plant that wants fertile and nutritious soil and it requires a mixed vegetation. In short, a nature that is allowed to grow and live as it wants, not as mass production forces it to. Those who know this best, who know and know coffee cultivation, are our producers. People who, like us, share the passion for coffee. Plants that are allowed to grow, harvested and refined with love!

Jute sacks full of raw coffee of the best kind come to us in Länna and here we take over the responsibility for the sustainable and careful treatment. Our roasters are powered by biogas and we use hydropower in production, small but important steps in making our footprint as small as possible. Even the last part, the delivery to our customers, naturally takes place with a partner who climate compensates 100%.

We care about our planet and work with producers and partners who do too. Now and forever!


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Our vision

Our vision goes beyond just great coffee; it's about contributing to a better world – for humanity and the planet. Coffee is our tool to achieve that.

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brew guides

Here are our basic guides on how to succeed with your coffee brering. Everything from how to set get right grind size to how many scoops you should actually have in your coffee maker. We hope that these guides will make your coffee experience even better!

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We have four different coffee series, from House where the flavours are more familiar, to Prime which offers the absolute top tier of specialty coffee quality. In between you now find both the Farmers and Flavours series.