Enveritas gives small scale coffee farmers equal opportunities

At Johan & Nyström, we're determined to change and improve the conditions for coffee production worldwide, and that's our mission. A mission that's about more than just coffee; it's about contributing to a better world – for humanity and the planet. Coffee is our tool to achieve this.

Enveritas, for the greatness of the small producer

Many small coffee farmers struggle to sell their coffee in markets, and to customers, who are willing to pay more for a good and sustainable product. To show and prove that their coffee meets the standards, based on sustainability and production methods, certifications, stamps, and seals are the most recognized ways, but they are expensive. Money that the smaller coffee farmer often lacks. Additionally, the farms are often located remotely, which complicates inspections.

That's where Enveritas comes in! Together with them, we highlight all the work the individual farmers do and support them in continuing. We bear the cost to ensure their business and products advance towards a more sustainable present and future.

But how?

Enveritas has developed a smart and effective way to carry out comprehensive and detailed evaluations of farms and operations. In addition to checking environmental aspects and long-term sustainability, they also ensure that local guidelines and conditions are followed and that the farm takes its societal responsibility. This is done through visits and dialogue on the spot, as well as "from the air" for a proper mapping and overview of the area. All this information and knowledge is, of course, shared transparently with the farmers to maintain and develop their production in the right direction and make any necessary adjustments.

Together through dialogue

We strongly believe in this open dialogue with all parties, to work together in the right way. With the help of Enveritas, we feel confident that our coffee is up to par and contributes to a more sustainable and better coffee world. And, not least, it makes life better for the small, invaluable coffee producers. An important part of our mission!

Read more about Enveritas here: www.enveritas.org and our view on sustainability here www.johanochnystrom.com/sustainability


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