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The coffee that makes Christmas better

Here at Johan & Nyström, Christmas smells like coffee - freshly roasted and perfectly brewed in a large pot for the whole gang to share. Our classic Christmas coffee is perfect for every holiday moment! Our classic Christmas coffee is perfect for every holiday moment! The coffee from Brazil and Ethiopia gives us a rich, smooth, and well-balanced cup.

Except for Santa, the Advent calendar, family, ornaments, the nutcracker, and the chaos... it's the flavours that we mostly associate with Christmas, right? Familiar, welcoming flavours that awaken memories and make us feel anticipation and joy. This is where our Christmas coffee comes into the picture, like a Merry Christmas greeting from Brazil and Ethiopia.

Just like Christmas, which is largely built on traditions, our Christmas coffee is too - why change a winning concept? Here, you get a really good cup of coffee that is smooth and full-bodied with a nice balance. Whether you want to drink it on an early Christmas morning when only Santa is awake, after a lavish Christmas dinner, or alongside a saffron bun, this is the coffee for you. The coffee that makes Christmas better.

Here you find our most delicious recipes and nicest Christmas gift ideas. Everything to maximize your tasty Christmas!

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Exciting flavors. Unexpected – and sometimes surprising – combinations. Enjoying good food. Drinking well (of course). Collaborating with talented flavor creators. Experiencing something new for multiple senses. These are some of the things we at J&N really, really like!

Our Christmas gift to you is, therefore, these delicious recipes that our friends have put together. Linn Utbult's interpretation of Christmas baking is magical, and the team at Restaurang Surfers has conjured up fantastic cocktail recipes. But, say what you will – a classic is always a classic! That's why we've included some timeless, hot coffee drinks too. Enjoy!



Our favorite Linn has a bunch of delicious Christmas recipes on her blog saltsomsocker.se. Here's a nibble!

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tastiest christmas drink


Spicy. Sweet. And irresistibly delicious! An amazing cocktail that can brighten up every winter dinner!

You'll find the recipe here

our classic christmas coffee

The tastiest news of the year is back! Here comes our classic Christmas coffee! You'll get the maximum enjoyment if you use 6 grams per dl of water and brew it in any coffee maker you prefer. For more advice and tips on brewing and coffee dosage, feel free to check out our our brew guides!

The coffee in this bag is, like all our coffee, of the highest quality - also known as specialty coffee. This means that it has scored over 80 points on a 100-point scale. To achieve such high scores, farmers need to take meticulous care of their farms and coffee trees. We only purchase truly excellent coffee at a fair price, as it's through the demand for quality that we can lead the way forward for the coffee industry. When the coffee reaches us, our super-skilled roast masters take care of it and delicately roast it at our roastery outside Stockholm. In this bag, it's prepared according to our most festive recipe and roasting profile. We strongly believe that high quality is the future of coffee and that together we can create a better coffee world!

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Let us introduce a future classic in the post-meal drinks category: a delicious, lively, and slightly spirited cocktail with a character that stands out.

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the christmas coffee



Recipe by Linn Utbult

Soft gingerbread cake with coffee glaze

Soft gingerbread cake with coffee glaze is a cake that I will bake frequently here at home. You know, when the whole family grabs a piece and before you know it, it's gone. Of course, there's coffee in both the batter and the glaze. Coffee glaze, that's something else." /Linn

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christmas recipes with coffee


"Keep in mind that you can vary the flavor in several ways with the same batch of toffee; here's my best recipe topped with Christmas coffee crunch."

Recipe by Linn Utbult

Christmas coffee drinks

Whether you're in the mood for an Irish Coffee, Kaffe Karlsson, or Coffee with Baylies, it's the coffee that makes the drink! Here, we've gathered the classic recipes to perfectly conclude the winter dinners!

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Soft gingerbread cake with coffee glaze

You simply must try Linn'ssoft gingerbread cake with Christmas coffee in both the batter and the glaze.

Recipe by Linn Utbult

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coffee for christmas?

If you'd want to give our Christmas coffee as a gift, it's absolutely perfect for the coffee lover. Whether it's a gift for mom, a gift for her, a gift for him, a gift for employees, a employee christmas present*, or a treat for yourself, we promise it will be very much appreciated!

*Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to know more about our corporate holiday gifts! We always make sure to offer some great options that are well below the recommendations from the Skatteverket, making them perfect as corporate presents!

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Frequently asked questions

The Christmas coffee is a classic filter coffee, and it's available both pre-ground and as whole beans, so you can brew it just the way you like! If you're looking for our go-to recipes and best dosing tips, you'll find them among our brewing guides.

Well, the question might actually be "how can other coffee cost half as much as your coffee?" A very large portion of the coffee produced in the world is not sustainable. For coffee to be priced as low as it is in the grocery store, the green coffee beans undoubtedly need to have been purchased at a very low price. In most cases, at a price where coffee producers can't make any profit on their product, or in the worst cases, even lose money. The coffee we purchase is of higher quality (specialty coffee), but we also pay a higher price for it, often far above the market price. Feel free to learn more about our purchasing philosophy and our Direct Trade efforts; I hope that answers your question.

To fairly compare and evaluate coffee quality worldwide, the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has developed a 100-point scale. Any coffee scoring 80 points or above qualifies as speciality coffee. Reaching 80 points or more requires the coffee to possess various attributes, and the more complex the flavours and aromas, the higher the score. Read more about specialty grade coffee here.

We know that we buy coffee in a responsible way, trust our producers, and feel that our customers trust us. However, we still want to have it verified by an independent third party.

Enveritas is a non-profit organization (NPO) that works with coffee producers worldwide. Their mission is to shed light on and improve their conditions and livelihoods while advocating for sustainability in the coffee industry – two aspects that go hand in hand. Their work is based on the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and is funded by us – the roaster – the individual coffee farmer does not need to pay anything. Enveritas also identifies and highlights gaps in the various certifications that exist in the coffee industry today.

In addition to working directly with farmers, Enveritas provides assistance to buyers and roasters in finding coffee that has been sustainably and ethically grown – this part is called Enveritas Verified. It's beneficial for anyone who wants to contribute to a better world!

The absolute most important thing for us is that coffee production is sustainable, all the way. It starts with the plant, which thrives in fertile and nutrient-rich soil, surrounded by diverse vegetation. In short, it's a nature that grows and lives freely, not dictated by mass production. Those who truly understand this, who know their environment and coffee cultivation, are our producers. Individuals who, just like us, share the passion for coffee that grows, harvested, and is processed with love!

Bags filled with the finest green coffee arrive at our facility in Länna, where we take on the responsibility for sustainable and gentle treatment. Our roasters are powered by biogas, and we utilize hydropower in production – small but vital steps to minimize our footprint. Even the final step, the delivery to our customers, is done in partnership with a company that offsets 100% of the carbon footprint.

We care about our planet and collaborate with producers and partners who share the same values. Now and always!