Cappuccino - a love story between coffee and milk

Cappuccino is a coffee drink that has spread all over the world and is many people's absolute favorite to order at the café - or to make at home. What many people don't know is that cappuccino originated in Italy and that the name itself comes from the Capuchin monks whose dress inspired it.

A Cappuccino monk is dressed in a white-brown suit that resembles the color you get when you mix milk and coffee according to a real cappuccino recipe. If you translate the name cappuccino more literally, this means on Swedish Little Kapuschong and there is thus another connection to the mentioned monks in general and the hoods they have in particular.

The first real cappuccino is said to have been served in 19th-century Vienna - and then with espresso, skimmed milk and warm milk. The earlier Italian versions also contained sugar, but when the Viennese removed the sweet, the cappuccino that we still drink today all over the world was born.


How to make a cappuccino?

We Swedes often have a penchant for waking up quickly in the morning - which is synonymous with a cup of black coffee with a slightly stronger character. Cappuccino and other milk-based coffee drinks are often consumed a little later in the day.

After all, cappuccino is a drink that works just as well at any time of the day and for those of you who want to enjoy a wonderful start to the day, the following cappuccino recipe is what you should try! But do you really have to have an espresso machine? The simple answer is yes, you need it, but we'll see if we can't come up with a trick.

If we start with the milk, just take whatever kind of milk you like best. If you don't have an espresso machine at home and can steam the milk, you can heat it, on the stove or in e.g. the microwave and then either whisk it with a small electric whisk like that or pour it into a glass jar, screw the lid really tight and then shake, shake, shake.

The coffee is probably the most important and according to the recipe you should have espresso as the base. If you don't have an espresso machine, you can buy a small moka pot. It is a classic old Italian grunka that you place directly on the stove and brew a strong little coffee that resembles espresso. Worst case and you're okay with the fact that it won't be a cappuccino like you can have at a cafe filter coffee then. With all that said, here's a cappuccono recipe:

  1. Brew a double espresso (or similar). It should be about 40 grams, which in round throws is 4 cl. Pour into a cup.
  2. Steam or heat milk. If you don't have the opportunity to steam, you can heat milk in a saucepan and then whisk it until frothy afterwards. The milk should reach a temperature of approximately 65 degrees.
  3. Pour the hot milk over the espresso and enjoy. If you haven't steamed the milk, there isn't much of a chance you'll get any latte art, so then it's more about the proportions that have to be right. If you look at a real cappuccino, it should contain approximately 33% coffee mixed with 33% hot milk and then 33% skimmed milk on top, so in total you need barely a deciliter of milk.

Good luck, and if it doesn't go well, come to one of our stores and we'll make you a real cappuccino! And if you've invested in an espresso machine, we can highly recommend that you take one of our courses, we'll go through both the theoretical basics and, in practical terms, how to make the best latte!


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FAQ - Cappuccino

Cappuccino - how much milk?

It is usually said that a cappuccino should have approximately one third of hot milk, one third of espresso and one third of skimmed milk in terms of proportions. In total, there will therefore be two-thirds of milk.

How to make a good cappuccino?

It is absolutely best if you have really good espresso beans as a base, the option to steam the milk and use an espresso machine for the coffee. However, it also works to heat - and whisk - the milk in a saucepan on the stove and to use, for example, a moka pot.

What does a cappuccino contain?

A cappuccino contains coffee - part - hot milk - part - and part skimmed milk. Many also want to sweeten with sugar, while others want a little cocoa or cardamom on top. You can experiment a little and find your own favorite.

How much coffee in a cappuccino?

Part of a cappuccino must consist of coffee. The remaining two-thirds should consist of milk - partly warm and partly skimmed.

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