Macchiato - the new favorite

Macchiato has sailed up as a clear favorite with many Swedes, and it's no wonder either. It's a mixture between coffee and milk that's a little stronger in taste than both a cappuccino and a coffee latte, and it's also a simple drink to both prepare - and drink on the go. Based on this, we would say that a macchiato is a difficult way to start the day.

As with most other coffee drinks, the macchiato originates from the country where coffee is taken as seriously as the Pope and football: Italy.

The name macchiato literally means 'spotted' in Italian, giving a clue to the drink's appearance. A macchiato can also be called an espresso macchiato if you are in a cafe and feel a sudden craving for this fantastic little drink and want to order it.

If you compare the strength of a cappuccino, a coffee latte and a macchiato, you can rank them like this: a coffee latte contains the most milk of the three, a cappuccino is intermediate, and a macchiato is the strongest because it contains only a little milk to balance the taste of the espresso. However, all three can be advantageously placed in the same family and contain the same amount of coffee.

Can I make a macchiato at home?

Macchiato recipes are a narrow thing to memorize and memorize. It involves two ingredients; coffee - preferably an espresso - and warm milk. That's it. The simple is sometimes the absolute best, and with regard to a macchiato in particular, you have to consider that motto to be true.

The few ingredients and the simple preparation also mean that you can easily create a new morning routine yourself and kick-start your future days. The coffee is probably the most important and according to the recipe you should have espresso as the base. If you don't have an espresso machine, you can buy a small moka pot. It is a classic old Italian grunka that you place directly on the stove and brew a strong little coffee that resembles espresso. In the worst case, if you are okay with it not being a macchiato like in a cafe, you can use filter coffee instead. With that said, here is the recipe for making a macchiato at home:

  1. Brew a double espresso (or similar). It should be about 40 grams, which in round throws is 4 cl. Pour into a small cup.
  2. Steam or heat milk. If you don't have the opportunity to steam, you can heat milk in a saucepan and then whisk it until frothy afterwards. The milk should reach a temperature of approximately 65 degrees.
  3. Pour a small spoonful of the hot milk over the espresso and enjoy.


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FAQ - Macchiato

How to make an espresso macchiato?

You start by making a double espresso and heating the milk to 65 degrees and whipping it until frothy. Pour a small spoonful of the hot milk over the espresso and you're done. The drink becomes stained which is also exactly what the name Macchiato means in Italian.

How to make a latte macchiato?

A latte macchiato is made in exactly the same way as an espresso macchiato. The difference lies in how the mixture between espresso and milk looks. In the case of a regular macchiato, espresso is the main ingredient and milk is used to round off the edges a little. A latte macchiato is made the other way around, with milk as a base and where espresso is added to give the milk a little flavor. In Italy, Latte Macchiato is sometimes served to children as a substitute for hot chocolate. In Sweden, it is a perfect gateway for beginners to discover the wonderful world of coffee.

What is the difference between Coffee Latte and Latte Macchiano?

The difference between a Coffee Latte and a Latte Macchiato is the amount of coffee in relation to milk. Latte Macchiato is frothed and hot milk with a simple espresso, while a Coffee Latte is made from a double espresso mixed with skimmed and warm milk. However, the drinks are very similar and thus a Coffee Latte is also a perfect drink to get the taste buds used to when you start drinking coffee.

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