Brew Guide: Chemex

Chemex is a brewing method where form meets function and style meets flavour. It is as beloved for its appearance as it is for its coffee brewing technique. The ability to brew directly into the serving carafe makes this method unique.

Recipe for: 6 cups
Coffee: 45 g
Water: 750 g at 95°C
Grind: Coarse, similar to coffee for a French press. Adjust the grind size according to the coffee you’re using.
Total time: 4:30 - 5:00 minutes

  1. Rinse the filter to avoid any paper taste and to preheat the carafe. Remember to pour out the water that collects at the bottom of the carafe - this is a classic beginner’s mistake!

  2. Place 45 g of coffee into the filter and level the surface. Use freshly ground coffee and consider investing in a grinder to grind the coffee just before brewing. Make sure the grind size is slightly coarser than that used for drip coffee and use a scale to measure both water and coffee.

  3. Place the entire Chemex on the scale and tare it before you begin pouring. Then pour in 150 g of water and gently swirl the Chemex in circular motions for about 3 seconds. 

    To understand this step, think about making hot chocolate: if you mix the chocolate powder with all the milk at once, it will form lumps. But if you mix it with half of the milk, stir it, and then pour in the remaining milk, everything blends together smoothly. The same principle applies here with the coffee.

  4. Ensure that the water is at the correct temperature, around 95°C. Let the coffee bloom for approximately 45 seconds. This enhances the flavor, consistency, and overall experience. Pay attention to detail when brewing coffee for the best results!

  5. Continue pouring water until you reach approximately 500 g. Pour the water evenly and spread it across the coffee bed, avoiding pouring along the edges.

  6. Pause the pouring for about 30 seconds, then resume until you reach 750 g. Once all the water has passed through, the brewing process is complete. We recommend letting the coffee cool down a few degrees before enjoying it, as this will bring out all the flavors even more. Drink and savour!

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