Guide: Measuring filter coffee

The golden rule when brewing and dosing coffee is to use 6 grams of coffee per decilitre of water. In most cases, a coffee scoop is a good guideline, but unfortunately, it can be both inconsistent and somewhat unpredictable.

The number of tablespoons of ground coffee is a concept we can use if we lack the means to weigh the coffee. However, the absolute best method is to weigh it, so it might be a good idea to buy a scale or use that kitchen scale many of us have lying around somewhere. The advantage of weighing is that you know you have the exact right grams, as different coffees can both weigh differently and have different densities.

Whether you're dosing for filter coffee, French press, Chemex, V60, or Aeropress, you can use our guidelines.

This simple table shows how much coffee you should use per decilitre of water.

Water : 1 dl = 100 g
Coffee : 1 tbsp = 6 g

Water          Coffee            Coffee            Label
100 g              6 g              1 tbsp
200 g            12 g              2 tbsp
300 g            18 g              3 tbsp
400 g            24 g              4 tbsp
500 g            30 g              5 tbsp            ”4 cups”
600 g            36 g              6 tbsp
700 g            42 g              7 tbsp
750 g            45 g              7,5 tbsp         ”6 cups”
800 g            48 g              8 tbsp
900 g            54 g              9 tbsp
1000 g          60 g              10 tbsp          ”8 cups”

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