Brew guide: AeroPress

The AeroPress is perfect for those who want a small coffee brewer to take on trips or hikes, or simply for those who want a really good cup of coffee. It’s very easy to use and allows for endless variations. Here we have the perfect standard recipe to start with. 

Recipe for: 2 cups
Coffee: 17 g
Water: 250 g
Grind: Slightly finer than medium-coarse, adjust the grind size according to the coffee you’re using.
Total time: 1:30 minutes

  1. Place a paper filter in the AeroPress and rinse it with water. Use hot water, as it rinses the filter more effectively and preheats the filter holder. This also helps the filter stick and stay in place when screwing the filter holder onto the AeroPress. If you don’t want to use paper filters all the time, there are stainless steel filters available for purchase.

  2. Add 17 g of coffee. Remember to always use freshly ground coffee and consider investing in a grinder so you can grind the coffee just before brewing. The grind size should be slightly finer than medium-coarse. It’s recommended to use a scale to measure both water and coffee.

  3. Pour 95°C water up to the rim of the AeroPress, a total of 250 g of water for 17 g of coffee. Stir the coffee so that it mixes well with the water. While pouring the water, you will see some liquid dripping into the cup, but we’ll address that in the next step.

  4. Immediately place the plunger on top to stop the dripping and transition the coffee from the dripping phase to the extraction phase. Here, you can experiment with different extraction times. Start with around 1 minute and adjust to your preference.

  5. Press down the plunger with even and steady pressure to push the coffee through the filter. If you press too hard, the coffee may become slightly cloudy. The goal is to achieve a clear coffee. Apply some body weight to save your elbows from strain when pressing, as this brewing method can be a bit unergonomic. It’s recommended to brew the coffee directly into your favorite cup for an even more delightful taste experience!

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