Brew guide: Hario V60

The V60 by Hario is a globally celebrated pour-over method known for its outstanding brewing capabilities. It is perhaps the most classic manual brewing method today. The cone’s angle, the large hole at the bottom, and the spiral ridges along the sides provide the perfect conditions for excellent brewing and a phenomenal cup of coffee.

Recipe for: 4 cups
Coffee: 30 g
Water: 500 g at 95°C
Grind: Medium-fine, typically used for pour-over. Adjust the grind size according to the coffee you’re using.
Total time: 3:30 - 4:00 minutes

  1. Rinse the filter to avoid any paper taste and to preheat both the V60 filter and the carafe in which the coffee will be brewed. Remember to pour out the water that collects at the bottom of the carafe - this is a classic beginner’s mistake!

  2. Place 30 g of coffee into the filter, then level the surface. Use freshly ground coffee and consider investing in a grinder to grind the coffee just before brewing. It’s preferable to use a scale to measure both water and coffee.

  3. Place your V60 with the filter on top of a carafe, and place everything on the scale. Remember to tare the scale before you begin pouring. Start by pouring approximately 90 grams of water - you can think of it as the amount of coffee multiplied by 3 if you adjust your recipe up or down. Lift and gently swirl the V60 in circular motions for about 3 seconds

    To understand this step, think about making hot chocolate: if you mix the chocolate powder with all the milk at once, it will form lumps. But if you mix it with half of the milk, stir it, and then pour in the remaining milk, everything blends together smoothly. The same principle applies here with the coffee.

  4. Let the coffee bloom for approximately 45 seconds. Ensure that the water is at the correct temperature, around 95°C. You may notice small bubbles rising from the coffee bed. The blooming process enhances the coffee’s flavor by allowing carbon dioxide to escape. Carbon dioxide can hinder the full extraction of the coffee’s aromas, so we want to release it before continuing the brewing process. We highly recommend being as precise as possible, as it always leads to a better taste experience.

  5. Pour the water in a circular, calm, and consistent motion to fully utilize the V60 filter’s ridges and increase turbulence. We recommend pouring the water in a clockwise direction and following the shape of the filter, starting in the middle and working your way outward. Be careful not to pour directly onto the filter’s edge, as this will cause the water to bypass the coffee on the outside without proper extraction.

  6. Pour water up to 300 g, then pause for 10 seconds before pouring the remaining water up to the total of 500 g.

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