Brew guide: Espresso

Espresso is for many a quick, intense, and strong kick in the morning. For others, it’s a mild, rounded cup with fine fresh flavours. Regardless, this brewing method opens up a world of flavours, competitions, and techniques. We love and are passionate about the perfect espresso. Find your perfect singe orign or espresso blend here.

Start with the ratio 1 to 2.25. This is the ratio of how much ground coffee should yield a finished espresso. It’s helpful to use a scale or measure the coffee in centiliters as it flows. In the recipe below, we use 18 g of coffee, but the amount of coffee depends on the size of your portafilter.

Recipe for: Double espresso
Coffee: 18 g
Espresso: 40 g, 93°C
Grind: Finely ground, always adjust the grind size according to the coffee you’re using.
Total time: 25 - 30 seconds from pressing the button

  1. A clean machine and station are necessary when brewing espresso, so make sure to clean it after each use.

  2. Rinse the group head of the espresso machine by starting the brewing process and letting the water flow for 1-3 seconds. This flushes away any coffee residue from the previous brew.

  3. Always grind your espresso coffee just before brewing. Ensure you have full control over the number of grams of coffee you’re brewing with, preferably using the timer function on the grinder or with the help of a scale. We recommend 18 g of coffee for a double espresso.

  4. Tamp the coffee with a tamper against the edge of the countertop, applying even pressure, about 12 kg. A useful tip is to use your body weight by leaning against the countertop.

  5. Insert the handle into the espresso machine and start the brewing process immediately. If the handle with coffee is left in the machine without brewing, the coffee can easily burn since the group head is often very hot.

  6. Follow the 1 to 2.25 ratio when brewing your espresso. 18 g of ground coffee should yield 40 g of finished espresso. It’s helpful to use a scale or measure the espresso in centiliters as it flows out.

  7. An optimal brew time for this is 25 - 30 seconds from pressing the button. If brewed longer than 30 seconds, the coffee will taste more bitter. Experiment to find the recipe that suits you. The more precise you are, the more you can influence the flavour.
  8. We recommend leaving the coffee puck in the handle if you have a high frequency of brewing. However, if you’re brewing espresso at home where there are fewer brews, it’s better to remove the puck since the coffee’s oils can easily dry in the filter basket if left for too long

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