Welcome to Dear Tea Society, where the eccentric, the strange, the absurd, the thirsty, the tired, the restless, the beautiful, the creative, the rowdy, the cunning, the polite, the curious and the perfectionist all join together in our love of tea.

We love all colours of tea and infusions. We love sharing a pot but are often caught drinking on our own. We need tea to think, to dream, to forgive and forget. In short: We love tea, it’s who we are.

Dear Tea Society is our tea brand, where we stylishly and playfully highlight our love for tea. The full range consists of high-quality teas in all their forms and flavours. Some selected favourites from the range are offered in the 80 g boxes available here.


It depends a bit on who is asking? If you are an ordinary person, a so-called "end consumer", here on the website we have the teas you see above, but if you visit one of our coffee bars, we also have 20-30 varieties in bulk! If you who are asking are e.g. a tea shop and want to become a B2B customer and buy loose leaf tea in large one-kilo bags, we have several hundred different kinds of teas! Contact us here then we can tell you more.

If it's the caffeine in tea you want to avoid, we can recommend a "non-tea". It is the case that all teas based on the Camellia sinensis bush contain more or less caffeine. But, fear not! There is also rooibos and infusions that are also usually classified as tea, rooibos is often called "red tea" but it actually comes from a bush. Try a rooibos tonight and I (almost) promise you'll sleep well. If you want to learn a little more about tea, you can take a look at ours blog post about the history of tea here.

You can definitely say that! Tea contains a lot of antioxidants, and it's so damn cozy! Green tea has received the best reputation in terms of its usefulness, but this is also a result of the fact that in Japan people drink a lot of green tea in particular, and that most of the research comes from there.

Everything is relative, but if you e.g. goes to your grocery store and buys a cheap tea in a portion bag, it is quite likely not a particularly high quality tea. This can be seen, among other things, in the size of the tea leaves. The bigger the leaves, the finer the tea, and if there are small crumbs, then you can imagine that it is that last scrap of the bottom of the jar that went with it. All of our portioned teas come in pyramids which, unlike a regular tea bag, allow for larger leaves, herbs and fruit pieces that give you a better tea experience. The pyramids are also made of PLA, which is a plant-based and biodegradable material. So no, it's not the bag itself that makes the tea good or bad, it's all about what you put in it.